Except cyrus lands in London

Published on Mar 26, 2018

The neapolitan pizza lands in London with one of its greatest interpreters, Except Cyrus.

Ciro Salvo ambassador of the pizza in the world for Slow Food the adventure begins in london with the opening of a new pizzeria, a branch of 50 Kalò, opening scheduled for may, a dream that time was being cultivated and that now is the time to realize.

A square where you can reproduce the pizza that serves Naples, the local will be in Northumberland Avenue, not far from Trafalgar Square, the heart of the city, the crossroads of millions of tourists, 200 square meters of the pizzeria.

Unless the states wants to occupy in the first person of this new adventure started with his historic partner Alessandro Guglielmini, at the moment is forming a team of pizza-makers to convey the Know-How, ensures, however, that you will travel often to be present.

How is the pizza? Meanwhile, the true neapolitan pizza cooked in a wood oven, the dough is developed with twenty years of study and experience, soft and digestible, a great attention to the raw materials coming from the Campania region.

Ciro Salvo is well-known for the several awards received for the pizza dough, very easily digestible, “Master of the mix” of the Gambero Rosso in 2016, Three Cloves in the guide to Pizzerias in Italy, the pizzeria is one of the six pizzerias chosen by the Michelin Guide.

In Naples is another opening, always at Margellina, a short distance from the pizzeria, which currently runs for this new restaurant we should wait until the autumn, it seems it is something different, in style and in the news.


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