Excellent ratings for the Paradise of The lord but live life does not take off


Published on Oct 19, 2019


Record ratings for the episode of Friday de the Paradise of The lord, also because of the intriguing plot of these early episodes with the marriage of the protagonists . And you know that the orange flowers always bringing very well to the tv series in general! On the day of October 18, 2019, the Paradise of The lord flies, with more than 1.6 million viewers. And if we remember that the Rai had decided to close the soap, you understand what the error could be! The soap has conquered a good slice of the public that, even with a tow, not shiny, to Come to me, conquest a greater number of spectators, in spite of the great competition. Not only that, the Paradise of The lord flies compared to the last season. The average of the episodes aired in the same period was 1.1 million viewers. The soap so convinced of this, and the problem of Rai 1, at the moment, it remains live life that just does not take off.

We see the data for listening to the afternoon of Rai 1 of 18 October, and compared them with those of last year.

On Bbc1, Come to Me convinced 1.582.000 viewers (12.3% share) and the Paradise of The Lord, like a 1.628.000 viewers (15.8%).

La Vita in diretta " informs 1.329.000 viewers with 13%.

And here's the data from last year

On Bbc1, Come to Me convinced 1.349.000 spectators equal to 10.2% of the audience.

The Paradise of the Lord 1.114.000 spectators equal to 10.5%. The TG1 has informed 891.000 viewers (9.5%), while the TG1 Economy has gathered 934.000 viewers (10.1%).

Life Direct has collected 1.192.000 spectators with 13%, in the first part, and 1.367.000 viewers with 13.7%, in the second part.

As you can see The Paradise of the lord flies, with over 5 points of share and the conquest more than 500 thousand spectators. Since we always say that the audience of the public tends to decrease, we can say that this is really a very good result for the soap of Rai 1, and also for the Rai, which in the end has decided to focus on the Paradise of the lord.

The program, conducted by Alberto Matano and Lorella Cuccarini keep the average of the past season, missing out on something. The experiment for the moment, it seems to work. If we are already complaining of the audience brought to the home by the couple Fialdini-Timperi, in this case, you can't not admit that the public do not like particularly.

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