Excellent discounts with coupon exclusive from Koogeek and Dodocool until 19 June: take the opportunity


Published on Jun 15, 2018


In this article you can find a rundown of the offerings that come from Dodocool and Koogeek, two companies that make the products extremely reliable and very qualty but remaining on a price within the reach of all. With these coupons, prices go down further, touching on figures that have never been achieved before. And the time is right if you want to make intelligent purchases, saving not only with respect to the base price, but even compared to all the other offers that have been previously published.

Just click on one of the thumbnails below to read all the reviews and complete product details. For some of them the discount ends on the 17th of June, for all other you have time until 19 June.


Passes from 34.99€ 25.19€ with our Coupon: 93R9NVCO, until 19/06

3 pairs of earpads silicone to use on the AirPods to improve the seal in the ear

Goes from 8.99€ to 6.99€ with our Coupon: VMHM5S4P, to 17/06

Keyboard for the iPad Pro 10.5" similar to the Smart Keyboard for Apple

Goes from 49.99€ to 29.99€ with our Coupon: TW5I99V7, to 17/06

Smart Socket Koogeek: it makes intelligent and adds WiFi to the bulbs that you already have in the house

Changes from 39.99€ 11.99€ with our Coupon: NQYFGI7W, until 19/06

Extend the memory of your iPhone with this special cable Lightning is able to read SD Memory Card

Passes from 31.99€ 18.99€ with our Coupon: XCWSF236, to 17/06

Koogeek – Blood Pressure Meter Electronic Wrist compatible app iOS

Passes from 36.99€ 21.99€ with our Coupon: AXC7HXBJ, until 19/06

Koogeek blood Pressure monitor Electronic Arm

Goes from 69.99€ 34.99€ with our Coupon: AA3FAM8K, until 19/06

Thermometer wearable for babies – Smart Koogeek with support HomeKit

Goes from 17.99€ 12.99€ with our Coupon: JUW7K2QK, until 19/06

Thermometer smart Koogeek with Bluetooth. Instantly measure from the ear or forehead

Goes from 19.99€ 17.99€ with our Coupon: 3SUAH3WY, until 19/06

Balance Smart Koogeek with WiFi and Bluetooth and lots of advanced features thanks to the app iOS and Android

Pass by 64.99€ 46.99€ with our Coupon: SDCDWUI7, until 19/06

LED strip light 2 metres Koogeek, it works with HomeKit, Google Assistant and Alexa

Passes from 36.99€ to 30.99€ with our Coupon: JOAFIEJOFL, until 19/06

Portable speaker Hi-Res Stereo and the included microphone and Memory Card slot, Bluetooth and a good battery

Passes from 31.99€ 19.99€ with our Coupon: UNYCK5MA, until 19/06

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