Ex-Arm is the end of the manga, but a sequel is coming


Published on Jun 26, 2019


Wednesday, 26 June 2019, the web site of manga online and app Shonen Jump Plus Shueisha have published the last chapter, the 98-2, series sci-fi action Ex-Arm of HiRock, and Shin-ya Komi.

The volume 14 of the series will be available in the bookstores of Japan on the 19th of August 2019, while the 28 August pages of the journal of the seinen manga in Grand Jump Mucha of Shueisha will host the sequel of the work — tentatively titled Ex-Arm Ex.

In Japan, the Ex-Arm he made his debut on the pages of the magazine, seinen manga in Grand Jump is published by the publishing house Shueisha on February 18, 2015; with the chapter 69 was released on December 20, 2017, the series has moved on Shonen Jump Plus.

In Italy is in progress for Edizioni Star Comics (11 volumes at the time):

Akira is a student who is shy and a little brave that has a problematic relationship with technology. Fearing that the fellow can reject him because of his character, decides to make the first step towards change by helping a girl in trouble. However, it is hit by a truck and, ironically, he awakens years later in the form of EX-ARM 00, a weapon, a technologically advanced human consciousness and the potential unknown...

The manga inspired a novel and soon to become an animated series.

Ex-Arm is the end of the manga, but a sequel is coming is




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