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Published on Apr 07, 2018


Laura Pausini, one of the singers most beloved Italian at home and abroad, will be the guest on the first episode of the talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi. "Opens the dances in the first episode of the evening aired on April 7, 2018. It will be a great emotion for the contestants of the transmission, a duet with an international star with more than twenty years of success and career. Laura Pausini will be the guest of the one that will be the first phase of the episode of Friends 17. In fact, this year, each episode of the evening will have three stages. In before the guys duetteranno with the guest, in the second phase, instead, will be to the guests to choose the guys to perform. And in the third phase, instead, will perform only the guys voted in earlier by the audience at home. But back to Laura Pausini. As we know the singer? Today we speak of her, of her private life, of the joy after the birth of Paola and of his great love with Paul Paper!

HOW OLD IS LAURA PAUSINI? His career started thanks to his dad that made him discover his innate talent. The artist, a beautiful at the age of 44 years (born 16 may 1974 in Faenza, in the Romagna region), is 169 cm tall and weighs 55 pounds. Today Laura is not only a great professional but also a successful woman. Today Laura lives in a golden period not only for what concerns the worldwide success but also for his private life: he has his sweet Paola, a girl of 4 years and her partner Paul, who also works with her, is one of his guitarists.

Today, the singer can boast of over 27,000,000 copies sold worldwide and over 160 platinum discs. The numbers, of course, are in continuous update. Among the last appearances of Laura in tv we can remember that, at the Sanremo Festival, perhaps for the first time a guest vocalist has left the stage of the Ariston and then sing out in the middle of the audience.

Laura Pausini was born in the province of Ravenna, and made his debut in 1993, at the Sanremo Festival where he won in the what's New section with the song “La Solitudine”. The 90s will become more and more the young singer that with his voice clear and powerful, and conquered the great public, thanks to the lyrics of his songs, in which fans can easily identify with and recognize themselves.

But the success of Pausini is not only purely musical: it continues to be so loved by the public even for its simplicity. Despite the worldwide success, the collaborations with the most important names in music, the countless awards to his talent, Laura has remained the same “girl next door” that you presented in Sanremo in the far 1993.

With his features and his physique is typically mediterranean, Laura Pausini is in the world the typical Italian beauty. With the shapes in the right place, dark hair and eyes and a genuine smile, Laura conveys a natural charm, without tricks or deceptions. Very often, however, for his own choices, Laura has been criticized, even for some look that he sported that, according to many, they would not put in evidence her beauty but only accentuated some of the defects.

The singer, however, has always gone his own way regardless of the criticisms they have received. This will certainly be one of the features that have won over Paolo Carta, the producer and guitarist of laura Pausini, with whom the singer has a stable relationship since 2005. Paper back at a divorce and three sons. News of an alleged pregnancy of the singer begin to circulate since 2009, but the first child of Laura Pausini will be born only in 2013, with a caesarean section carried out at the Maggiore Hospital in Bologna. The little girl called Paola, the union of the names of her parents (PAO+). Laura and Paul are not married, in relation to marriage " in an interview with Vaniry Fair, he said: “we're okay, we don't need a document to certify our love. Maybe in the future we will need it, for bureaucratic reasons, but until it becomes necessary I prefer not to do that.”

The little girl was born in 2013 and the singer has dedicated the wonderful song Celestial, the content in the album Unreleased. In the music video of this song, Pausini was excited and commented on that experience: “I have seen the video only once. There are no other on television. I recorded it with the idea to do it for me and my family, then I am moved to tears because I know that this video is a day I look at my daughter and know that my voice is only dedicated to her. Rarely you can have the privilege to weep for joy so great and so I decided to leave all the original images, even if very intimate. Heavenly is a song that has brought me so much luck and I want to dedicate it to all the women that do not cease to hope and dream with courage and patience, a child in their future.”

Speaking of the little Paola and also of marriage with Paul, the singer has stressed in several occasions that if there is a wedding, will come when the girl will be great, and will then be able to remember this special day.

Laura Pausini is not engaged only in the music scene. And’ in fact always in the forefront of social commitment, in particular for the defence of the rights of children, women and, more generally, by attending to charitable activities, and collaborating with the most important non-profit organization.

Among the aspects of his lively personality, there is also a side of the believer and religious. Laura Pausini, however, has never been afraid to take a distance from some of the rigid positions of the Catholic Church, for example, with regard to contraception, premarital sex, abortion and homosexuality. Between the battles shared by the singer is in fact homophobia, or publicly condemned by Pausini.

This fight is also due to the choice of Laura Pausini not to get married. It is in fact a political choice, because the singer has said that he does not accept that the gay community can not enjoy the same rights as a heterosexual couple, therefore he will not marry until marriage will not be contemplated for those who love a person of the same sex. An important choice, which certainly did increase the popularity of the singer among those who are sensitive to these issues.

Personality motherly, playful and self-deprecating Laura Pausini is also seen from the willingness with which she lends to participate as a guest or on the shoulder in a variety of contexts on television. A singer of his caliber certainly has a lot to teach the young talents to the first arms, such as those that have the honor of sharing the stage with her during the first episode of the evening, Friends.

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