Everyone is perfect the new fiction Rai 1: the story of Rick in the early evening


Published on Dec 10, 2019


The fall of the dramas and tv series on Rai 1 went to the great. And now the first time comes another fiction that is certain to captivate the audience. Everyone is perfect is the title of a new tv series that arrives before Christmas in prime time on the flagship network Rai. Among the starring Edoardo Leo, Nicole Grimaudo and Cristiana Capotondi, the three numbers, one of cinema and the world of the tv Italian. But the story, this time also offers another point of view, that of those who first engages with a work that is so important.

Let's find out some more details on the fiction aired from December 16, on Rai 1.

Rick (Gabriele Di Bello) is a boy of 24 years old, has Down Syndrome and the same desires of all his peers: he's tired of the “fake internships” and wants a "real job". His father Ivan (Edoardo Leo) has recently sold the business to devote himself entirely to him and allow the wife Alessia (Nicole Grimaudo) to resume his career.

One day, through a friend, Rick found a job in the packaging department of the Chocolaterie Abrate, a small company directed by Miriam (Cristiana Capotondi) and founded by the family of his mother Emma (played by Piera degli Esposti). Created by Miriam, the packaging department is entrusted with an extraordinary group of young people with whom Rick is now friends: Cristian (Lele Vannoli), the good giant, a problem child is easily irritable, but with a great heart; Cedrini (Aldo Arturo Pavesi) the foreman, fussy and staid, sometimes intransigent but who knows how to repent and retrace his steps; Django (Matthew By the Arms), the worker lazy and listless, a “tombeur de femmes”, a little bully who hides a deep sensitivity and Giulia (Valentina Venturin), a romantic dreamer, a lover of poetry, who seeks her prince charming and he loves weddings. In the Chocolaterie Abrate Rick finds finally his good mood. Binds to Emma who becomes his most trusted confidant, will get the respect and the appreciation of Miriam and of the entire packaging department, won the trust of his father Ivan always too caring.

There is obviously also the chapter dedicated to love! Rick remains captivated by the sweet smile of Tina, a young colleague of Albanian origin reciprocates the same feeling. But like every love story, worthy of respect, the path of the two guys will be full of unexpected obstacles. The meeting with Tina will be for Rick's only the beginning of a great adventure. To protect their love, in fact, Rick must challenge prejudice, beyond borders...A long journey in which all the protagonists of the series will be called to give their contribution.

“Everyone is Perfect” leads us in an unprecedented way, in the world of disability and of those who have to live among a thousand obstacles, having in our hearts the desires of all. He says with irony the possibility of a look where the diversity seen with new eyes becomes strength. The series is a co-production Rai Fiction-Purple Film, in cooperation with the CPTV RAI of Turin, produced by Alessandro Passadore. The screenplay bears the signature of Fabio Bonifacci, it is directed by Giacomo Campiotti, which was found in front of the unprecedented challenge of directing a group of talented young disabled people.

The appointment with the first episode of Each one is perfect for the December 16, 2019, the second episode will be aired on the 17th, while the cycle of three meetings in prime time will end on the 23rd of December, just a few hours from Christmas!

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