Evernote introduces Dark Mode on iOS and macOS


Published on Nov 16, 2018



Evernote, the application for iOS and macOS, thanks to which you can organize your projects by taking notes, creating to-do lists, and save anything that you find online directly into the comfortable notebook digital, has been recently updated with the introduction of Dark Mode.

To activate the interface dark of Evernote on iOS, tap on the icon “Account” in the lower right and scroll down to the heading “Dark Mode”.

The dark mode is currently only available for Macs using macOS Mojave. When you activate Dark Mode on your Mac, including the interface of Evernote will automatically become dark. To enable Dark Mode on your Mac open System Preferences, select General, and choose the option “Dark” that you can find in Appearance.

If you are using the Dark Mode on your Mac but you still want to keep the interface clear of Evernote, entering in the application Preferences, you can select the “Use the light mode for notes”.

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