Event, Roberta Ragusa, his daughter writes a memory: “My father is innocent”


Published on Apr 06, 2018


May 14, 2018, it should reach the judgment after the trial of the second degree, which has seen Antonio Logli defendant on the charge of murder and concealment of a corpse. For the judges there is no doubt: it was Logli on that cold night in January of 2012 to kill his wife, Roberta Ragusa, and to make sure that his corpse was not recovered. The man has always said innocent and his lawyers have always maintained that Roberta, the night between the 13th and the 14th of January, six years ago, it has cleared alone, in a voluntary manner, whilst leaving two of the children are still minors.

The family of Roberta did not, however, never believed this possibility and has always demanded justice and truth for the poor mother and for all of them, it's certainly been killed. It seems, however, the children of Roberta Ragusa, which in recent years have grown up with Antonio and that at the time of the death of Roberta was her lover and the baby sitter of his children, think differently. Both Daniel, the eldest son, the smallest of the house, they decided to write a memory taking the side of Antonio. According to both, the Logli is not a murderer and he did not kill Roberta.

As it has been done by Daniel, the eldest son of the couple, even the girl who is still a minor, remember, takes the part of his father, Antonio Logli. We read in the weekly Yellow:

Exactly like the brother, the younger daughter writes to stand on the side of the father, considering him innocent, and asking for absolution. The document
presented by A. L., then, is essentially identical to that of Daniel. Also, the little girl describes the father as a caring person and affectionate towards them, that in all this time has protected them with his love.

And still always in the weekly Yellow:

the letter signed by the girl was handed over to the judges directly by the lawyers of Logli. The daughter, living so many years in pain, always in contact with the father and his
lover, was in any way plagiata from the same Logli? Or decided to take the defenses of the father in total autonomy? Giving an answer is very difficult.

On the 14th of may, the second sentence after a first degree has seen condemned Logli 30 years, later reduced to 20 for the abbreviated.

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