Evening Friends 2018 news: an external jury composed of 6 jurors, revealed the names


Published on Mar 24, 2018


As we had imagined, trying to figure out what could be the new formula of the evening, Friends 2018, in this edition there will be an external committee ready to judge the performances of the singers and of the dancers who will perform at the talent of Channel 5. The external committee, comprised of the six judges, along with the internal jury, formed by professors, will judge the boys. Then there will also be the televoting: the union of these three things together will bring the final judgement on what will be the performance of the individual student and in general, the challenge to the teams that are confirmed, even if there will not be the coach, and there will be artistic directors for a single team.

In the episode of Friends 17 air today 24 march 2018 on Canale 5 Maria de Filippi has revealed the first three names of the external committee. Names obviously unexpected that demonstrate how Mary wants to do in this edition of the big things. The next Saturday then, shall be done also the other names of the three judges that will be part of an external jury, together with those already revealed today.

Simona Ventura will be one of the artists who will have the opportunity to tell her about the talent in the race at the stage in the evening of the program. You will know very well, does not need presentation, as has been the success of Simona Ventura, in first editions of the X Factor Rai branded and then those broadcast on Sky. About X-Factor, Friends this year, remember, thanks in part to the presence of Ventura, in fact, and Luca Tommasini. A sort of admission of Maria de Flippi, because X-Factor has always been a true point of reference in the talent of music.

Maria De Filippi has a penchant for Giulia Michelini, he has always shown in every occasion, when the actress was a guest from her. And the fact she wanted to be on the jury of Friends, 17 is the proof of how great the esteem in which the De Filippi harboured towards Giulia. The popular actress, known by the entire audience of Channel 5 for his role of Rosy Abate, should put, however, from his shyness to try to give the reviews clear. But we are sure that you will thrill and which will make us move as only she can do.

Heather Parisi has not certainly needs no introduction. Star of world level, has made any thing you could do in his career. Recently is back in the game with the program of the Enemy the Beloved broadcast on Rai 1 on the side of Lorella Cuccarini. Are not missed in this case also criticism for the choices made but we are sure that in the role of judge will certainly have a way of redeeming themselves and getting known better by the public of young people that follow Friends. Imagine also that in this choice there was the hand of Luca Tommasini, who, among other things, in his recent interview for True, he had spoken to Heather, not only for their beautiful love story, but above all for the fact that it was the most great dancer ever.

In the next installment of Friends, Maria de Filippii will reveal the names of the other three judges of this evening.

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