Even Goldman Sachs revises ribaso the sales of the iPhone X


Published on Mar 29, 2018


Before the launch of the iPhone X, many analysts were convinced that the device would have introduced the superciclo of the updates for the Apple smartphone. And with good reason, because the iPhone X has marked the first major redesign in terms of design from 2014 (iPhone 6). The reality, however, is that the iPhone X is not to the height of the expectations of analysts, at least in terms of sales and absolute.

Even if Tim Cook has recently said that the iPhone X has been the model of iPhone, the company's most popular since its release, total sales were a bit lower than expectations. For this reason, Goldman Sachs has recently downgraded its estimates of the total sales of iphones in the current march quarter and the next June.

The analysts of Goldman Sachs are now saying that sales of the iPhone in the march quarter will come to 53 million units. For the next June quarter, is expected to decrease with 40 million iPhone X sold.. As a point of reference, the sales of iphones in the quarter to march 2017 have recorded sales of eur 50.7 million units, while sales in the following quarter, came to 41 million.

Even Wall Street analysts said they reduced the sales forecast of the iPhone 2.5 percent, to 217.3 million units for the fiscal year Apple that will expire on 30 September 2018.

The investment bank has also revised downwards the rate of replacement of their devices, especially among chinese users. Despite the decline in replacement rates, Goldman has stated that the number of people in possession of an iPhone will continue to grow and currently stands at € 631 million.

With regard to the reason why the iPhone X has not been sold as expected by some, a recent survey has revealed that many potential buyers have found the price a bit too high.

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