Eva Henger in tears to Sunday Live: Mercedesz Henger responds via social and launched new accusations


Published on Oct 21, 2019


It is a never-ending story that, however, seems in some way to thrill the audience at home. It's the story that sees as protagonists Mercedesz Henger and his mother, Eva. Yesterday, the former actress was a guest on Sunday Live, where, in tears, stressed to be still very worried for his daughter that would be plagiata and manipulated by her boyfriend Lucas Peracchi. While the Anger was on tv crying, Mercedesz it was, instead, to the sea to surf in the company of her boyfriend. Of course, it is not for us to understand who says the truth and who the mint, we will only report the facts.

After the episode on Sunday Live yesterday, Mercedesz, however, listening to the stories of his mother, he wanted to put the dots on the i and explain his point of view, in particular, on the whole the story linked to the dogs. As you know Lucas, the boyfriend of Mercedesz, has accused the Anger of having to live the dog in a closet and treat it badly.

And it is about the whole history of Crumb that the small Henger want to tell her, to make it clear that you tell the lies on all fronts, even on the poor dog.

Here are the words of Eve in the living room of Channel 5:

I treat badly my dogs? Just missing that they say they are a killer! The crumb was not my dog, was the dog Mercedesz. She, then, has bought another dog and I held her. I have the photos of the Crumb that runs and that is fine. The dog was fine when she has recovered. You are inventing everything. If I maltrattavo your dog, why have you waited 5 years for riprendertelo

Mercedesz has instead reminded his mother that Crumb was at his house because it is born while she was in England to study. She continued to speak of the fact that his mother did not have ever brought from a veterinarian, confirming that the dog has started to feel good only when he lives with her and Short a series of call-and-response that for the moment it seems to be destined to end.

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