Eva Henger from home Signorini launches new allegations against Amaurys Perez and involves Magnolia


Published on Mar 02, 2018


In the latest installment of the famous Island 2018 we listened to a nice clash between Amaurys Perez and Eva Henger. The former champion water polo has defined Eva as a sort of “hound dog to the airport, able to recognize the smoke of the pipes, saying that he had never seen anything of what Eve has told, and adding that never would talk bad of Magnolia, never sputerebbe in the dish in which he ate. Perez, in fact, has participated in other reality shows of Magnolia, as, for example, Beijing Express when she was in pair with his wife. About this, Eva, during his speech to the House Signorini, has something to say.

The Anger does not stop in front of what for her is a sort of conspiracy of silence of the companions. And from the house Signorini ago the revelations which sound very strange ( how could Eva know these details of where we're going to talk about if he came out from the mouth of Perez?). Let's see what it is:

“He says that Magnolia is fine, but for a week we endured his complaints about the other reality show that has the fact, the Beijing Express. Amaurys continued to say that the transmission did go out to his wife as a tiranna, and him as a weak person, unable to react with the wife. You are constantly complaining about. He said that in fact he had won and he and his wife, who had overcome an obstacle in a risaio and that when they arrived at the finish line the other competitors were already there, because it says that production has given them a helping hand.”

These are the words of Eva Henger in the web program Home Signorini in front of the director of the magazine Chi, Alfonso Signorini. The words of Eve are as heavy as a boulder, and we ask ourselves if it has not been Amaurys to talk about these facts, as they came to know Eva, who probably even knew that the champion of water polo had participated in Beijing? Mysteries... One thing is certain: these shipwrecks before the Island they talked about anything and everything, but today in Honduras in front of the cameras does not give us any joy, what a pity.

It should always be remembered, of course, that these are the words of Eva Henger, who apparently has a memory of iron, seen as he can remember details that were so precise on the tales made by his fellow travelers.

The words of Anger, however, also emphasize another aspect: the fact that Magnolia has already “manipulated” even in the other reality, what might have been the final. In support of the words of Eve in some way, there are also the words of Wild Lucarelli, who remembers his participation in a reality show and reveals that even in that case, some of the competitors, before the beginning of the program they had in the hotel, smoked the grass, and also in Morocco, it was forbidden to do so. The Lucarelli also recalled that at the time, he parried both of those the nice Orlando Miracle called the “camel-back” with his catchphrase “triccheballacche” that was a synonym for to speak of magheggi any made by the authors.

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