Euro 2016, with the gesture of the umbrella and the Deschamps Elysèes

Published on Jun 18, 2016

The Velodrome Albania, De Biasi deceives its supporters and many detractors of France yielding, in the end, the ripples of Griezmann and Payet. In the imaginary comic Optìpoba, signed by Karl Mirabelli, the French are already ready to dedicate a monument to the coach: Deschamps Elysèes.

France is already past the knockout stage of the Euro 2016 and for a few seconds, you can forget about the Hooligans, russians who perhaps have already been deleted from Slovakia, delete the protests for the reform of the work hidden under the carpet, by François Gérard Georges Nicolas and internalize the threats of terrorists now perceived as a necessary evil by the prime minister Valls, who speaks of the war and the inevitable innocent victims.

It does not matter that in 2018 there will be the Football World cup in Russia, as noted by Tommaso Lavizzari of There was a time, Or Rei, “what not a chance of a new war. Europe does not seem to be very good... and we're not referring to the football.”

What really matters is the gesture of the umbrella, Only while Payet flies to the corner flag to celebrate the victory. Pogba has avenged against journalists who have criticised so much because he is a guy capable of and do not treat evil with the good kids.

Now to the whim of the figures dining in slippers you expect a exemplary punishment.

Give a meal to the Hooligans, russians eat children?
Offer it to Isis in exchange for a massacre of civilians at reduced pay?
Donate his salary to the pension fund of the French workers?

Still do not know how it will end. Fortunately, the gesture of Pogba was not addressed to the workers as the one of Alberto Sordi but it was probably a tribute to the great Maradona. Champions are born.


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