Eternal: the plot of the film will be a love triangle


Published on Mar 09, 2020


If you thought that the film would have seen a relationship as in the comics, between Sersi (Gemma Chan) and Dane Whitman / Black Knight (Kit Harington), you will have a surprise. Judging from a recent interview Chan did with Vanity Fair Italy, is a third Eternal – probably Ikaris and Richard Madden – will be involved, creating a love triangle.

Speaking with the magazine, Chan revealed that the siblings have arrived on Earth about 7000 years ago, and his character is involved in two love stories in the course of the film Chloe Zhao.

“In particular, is the story of a group of immortal aliens that arrived on Earth seven thousand years ago, then the story unfolds in a very long period of time,” reveals Chan. “Sersi is the one that has more affinity with the human, indeed it is also involved in two love stories, an absolute novelty for the events of Marvel comics and one of the reasons that I was drawn to this project.”

Don't know much more for now of the film. Last year, the head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige has suggested that it was one of the most expensive movies that the studio had made.

“It is a film very great. It is a film very expensive. And we are achieving it because we believe in the vision of the filmmaker Chloe Zhao and believe in what these characters can do, and we believe it will continue to grow and evolve and change and push forward our kind”, said Feige.

The eternal will arrive in cinemas on 6 November.

Eternal: the plot of the film will be a love triangle is




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