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In a historical moment in which (and rightly so!) the disease is frightening and terrifying, colds, André Francois brings a breath of joy and surreal irony around a topic that represents, today, a taboo, but which in its history has always been for long seasons a topic of conversation popular and recurring theme in the chatter of all the days.

Today sneeze unleashes more fear that the lament, and yet all of these times as it could be cathartic and apotropaic a laugh! The flu is just the perfect book in these dark times.

André Francois has a narrative tone that is characterized immediately as humorous, but her writing, she chose the path of the narrative and not the desecration of direct. This requires, as every humorist knows, a thin and well-developed capabilities, because a fact is to build a joke that makes you laugh, it's quite another to structure a story.

"Everyone knows that this animal today is not alive"

The incipit appears very similar to "there was a time" of fairy-tale memory, and in fact, history seems to be living in a time very, very far away, a time in which they lived beings never seen before, such as Kubo ("had neither wings, nor hands, nor legs, nor tail. It was not practical. So today is extinct"), the Stumpf, the Canoptero ("the animal is very sweet and so easy to please, failed to survive to modern times"), the eagle in the Cassethi... In this world populated by creatures almost fairy already existed, and the Cold that was the only one to survive, why?

The author chooses a narrative marked (text-image), to play with the figures, the shapes and senses, the double meanings and the ways of say, landing a series of jokes that make you laugh in their individuality (the frog man-jam?!) but cooperate at the same time, to tell a story with a tasty and original: the story of the survival of the Colds, mythical animals, the masters of survival, and undoubtedly cute!

The common places you bundled up in the words, but the images trigger the rice because the author imagine the Cold as a beast from the funny features of the same: thus there is the Cold head that has a big head platinum envy, there is the hay fever that placido rests in a bed of hay, in fact, there is a Cold passenger sitting on the back of a stylish convertible...

Completed the series of portraits here is that the author goes into the most common expressions (but how many of them there are!) which they usually use to express their disappointment for the bad season: "My mother has a nice cold", and in fact the beast sitting next to mom has a nice appearance!

There is also the table dedicated to "how to spend a Cold, with a gentleman that gives way to the Cold of the moment, and the one with the "Cold [that] you take it easy": for the queue.

The format is almost a pocket-book amplifies the sense of the playful text that contains, as if to say “do not take me too seriously, eh!”. The images are black, and the stretch big and inaccurate to make the designs effective and immediately lovable.

In short, what better cure that immersing oneself in a herd, on the contrary an epidemic of Colds from the nose nice, to chase away the fear of the Corona virus?

And do not underestimate this opportunity is also to know one of the illustrator and designer, most famous of the Twentieth century!

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