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Published on Aug 20, 2018


If you are looking for a movie you idiot, vulgar, rag-tag and put in the foot while its players were involved in other productions far more important, but above all manages to be so hopelessly bad as to be funny from the beginning to the end, that movie is Escape Plan 2 – Return to Hell.

That the reality carefree of Stephen C. Miller, the director of a whole series of super-b-movie so much ugly as funny as Automaton Transfusion, Silent Night and Extraction, with Bruce Willis, is convinced by the unstoppable Sylvester Stallone to climb aboard the franchise's Escape Plane, started in 2013, the Escape Plane – Escape from Hell, directed by Mikael Håfström. There Sly was joined by another icon of cinema action the ’80s, Arnold Schwarzenegger, with whom the year before he had worked with in The expendables 2.

And while busy on many other fronts (Creed 2, Rambo 5, Mercenaries 4) the big Rocky back on the prison movie of the compulsory and beautifully nonsense, presenting 50 Cent in the role of the faithful to help Hush, and entrusting to Jaime King in the role of Abigail in the first film was Amy Ryan, and especially recruiting Dave Bautista in the role of Trent DeRosa, the unfailing friend of old date, of which clearly no one has ever heard of in the previous film.

Years later be able to find the way to escape from the maximum security prison nicknamed “The Tomb”, Ray Breslin is leading a new team of security experts of the highest level. When Shu, wing chun master and a member of the team, is kidnapped and imprisoned within a labyrinthine prison, a computerized where men must fight like animals in order to survive, Breslin is forced to intervene to save his friend.

Having perfectly clear in mind what kind of product you expect from him, Miller pulls out a action artificial how few, where the violence and explosions in CGI throw the gauntlet to the sharks of Sharknado.

It is evident from the first, very long scene started with the idea of cinema of Miller is so special and light years away from that of the rest of the world, and Miles Chapman (author of the screenplay of the first film) follows him at the wheel, stirring the emphasis from opera to elements of sci-fi (there are supercomputers, and neon lights, and fights in the cage, all the while Stallion and rider in Bautista giostrano the field, leaving a lot of space for a whole team of new heroes in action in the grass; in view of the third chapter of the saga, widely anticipated in the final and down confirmed despite the economic disaster of this second episode (which has grossed only $14 compared to a budget of $20), we will have a superteam ... I still have not quite figured out what both their work, but in Escape Plan 3 will be many to do so.

Director, script and cast-move with the autopilot, and then all the movie continues from a to b without any effort, inconvenience, nor-most importantly no ambition. Escape Plan has well in mind what has to be that it shows to the world with a pride so pacchiana as hilarious. Even in the final Stallion conierà a move from melee combat by a famous pose christological, and when a type of product like this you invent a thing, you just have to take off the hat.

The vote will do well to the reputation of the franchise, proud of its soul from the z series.

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