Erotic games like in the cinema

Published on May 10, 2016

When you love the first rule would be to be yourself. But also, sometimes, the role-play can be as exciting for the couple. How to pretend to participate to the film set. A night of sex from the first to the last shot. The suggestions of a brand of sex toys.

Ciak, si gira!

1. The Spotlight
Our partner gives us a leading role in a scene particularly sexy.

2. The statue
Remain immobile as some street artists, while she makes us what he wants.

3. As at the actor's studio
She asks us to invest ourselves to the maximum in a character of his choice. For example, a slave.

4. As in front of the mirror.
We imitate to perfection every act that she performs on us during the preliminaries.

5. Last tango in Paris
Each in turn chooses to play the erotic scene that is more expensive than a movie or a tv series.


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