Eros Ramazzotti: “After the operation, on 11 July, I will resume from Locarno”


Published on Jun 28, 2019


And her daughter Aurora says...

Just a few weeks with the return of Eros Ramazzotti on stage after the operation on his vocal cords a few weeks ago forced him to cancel and postpone to 2020 the dates us of his Life there is in the world tour the world tour, but will resume on July 11th from Locarno. A recovery that is passed to this operation but now sees him as ready as ever to go back to singing in front of his audience.

The artist has, in fact, declared in an interview: “Now, it's all much better, after this operation the vocal cords. I have to endure for a long time. On July 11th I return from Locarno, then I will do the other seventy dates. It was the first time that happened to me, I had to skip two months of touring in America, I will resume it next year. I had to do it by force”.

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Eros Ramazzotti, who spoke to the microphones of Rai Radio 2 in the course of the format, The moody blues, led by Roberto Arduini and Andrea Ciancio, he also spoke of the relationship with her daughter Aurora: “our relationship is beautiful. She's the one in the last few years is very matured, has made its crap like all young people, but it has grown well.”.

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“’ A girl with a lot of attitude, wants to learn, has life in the body, it is very serene, even when they criticise manages to stay cold and to go on his way. This is important, a child with two parents separate is always a little bit of effort and she has done it well this thing.” continued Eros.

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