Eros: 7 tips to seduce her

Published on May 25, 2016

1. A smile opens all doors
Smile and again smile. Show that is always sun and good mood, even after a day to forget. Just a smile can be the key to close it instead in the beauty.

2. The appearance is almost everything
There is a dress code precisely. On the contrary. The important thing, however, is to be treated and to the height of every situation. Dress with taste can impress her more that show off exaggerated look.

3. Remember that sooner or later you spoglierai in front of her
... and don't get caught unprepared. The same taste that you dedicate to your attire riservalo to the undergarments.

4. The most difficult part
Flirt in a brilliant way is not for everyone. If you do not have an innate endowment, it takes a bit of practice and experience. Critical, however, is to avoid silence or sterile conversations. Better to prepare before an encounter with a sort of shopping list, which can include tantisismi topics. Except in the case of the former.

5. The business card
The first kiss should never be underestimated. Can open many bedrooms. A flop can put us in a position of no return.

6. Does not harm to try
Why not try it since the first meeting? If you create immediately an agreement is better to go a little further, even, with kindness and without insisting too much. Every occasion, if not exploited, can be an opportunity lost forever. Around the corner, there is always a rival ready to take the place of our hesitation. While we are impaled to think about the kiss or not kiss, another has no doubts about what to do and he slips away when we least expect it.

7. The air of mystery is a c....ta
Better to be natural and spontaneous, instead, assume the role of the beautiful and tormented, when you are not working at all. But you can always confess at the second meeting that our therapist has prescribed some pill. Just a anxiolytic or a tablet to sleep.


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