Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro are together: the truth about the social after the photo provocative


Published on Feb 20, 2018


Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro are really on the crest of the wave, and as often happens in these cases, they invent things which are not true, it insinuates something...And it happened to the two singers: someone has started to put around the voice that the two had a relationship so that the same Ermal Meta on social shared a post on a fan page dedicated to him which displayed drawings depicting him and Fabrizio Moro hugged together in bed. Meta has joked that he wants to very well to Fabrizio, as he has also said on other occasions, but not so much. We remind everyone that Fabrizio Moro has a partner and two children while Ermal has a girlfriend which is very much in love. The other thing that it happens often is that when you deny a voice like that, you pass immediately from the part of the crooks with the classical accusations of homophobia.

ERMAL META AND FABRIZIO MORO HAVE A SECRET RELATIONSHIP? ON SOCIAL THE RESPONSE OF ERMAL META THAT TELLS HER the TRUTH - that is what has happened in the last hour of the messages on the social Ermal Meta.

We love each other, but not so much! 😂😂 #elamadonna @FabrizioMoroOff

— Ermal Meta (@MetaErmal) February 18, 2018

Guys, I have joked about the drawings, jokes and not be offended. Homosexuality is not something from which to defend itself. It's just that I like women as well as likes good Fabrizio. If you were to change something, I promise you that you will know it from me in person! #vivalamore

— Ermal Meta (@MetaErmal) February 19, 2018


Remember, as we said earlier, that Ermal Meta is actually the boyfriend of a speaker of the radio, Silvia Notargiacomo. The two are linked by many years but are very discreet about their relationship. After the triumph of Ariston, however, she had written: "Here is the Happiness: are all those little things that you have welcomed, cherished, loved to have you brought here... and I am happy with you".




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