Eolo ADSL offers a good Chili TV from 100€


Published on Jun 06, 2017


Only for today, June 6, and by activating the supply of the Eolo ADSl, you will receive a good Chili TV from 100€. Here are all the details.

Aeolus House 0 Limits, only for today, offers a € 100 voucher to spend on the Pounds, the on-demand platform without limits or subscription-dedicated to the lovers of cinema. The canon of the fare is discounted for 6 months, and still lower than the normal expiration of the promotion.

This offer is more than a common ADSL home and is based on the ultrawide band radio, thanks to antennas installed directly at the customer's home by an authorized technician. In this way it is possible to access all the services typical of high-speed connections – streaming in high-definition, telepresence, the intensive use of the cloud – even in areas that for various reasons are not reached, nor by ADSL or by fiber optics. You can install Aeolus even without the phone line, and then, without paying the fixed fee.

What does Aeolus House 0 Limits:

All at a cost of 24,90 euros per month for the first 6 months of subscription, at 34,90 euros per month instead of 39,90 euros per month. The free installation promotion saves 194 euro and is given to those who pay every two months (but only if you subscribe via the web) and who pays for annually.

In addition, you can request the EOLOrouter Wi-Fi at 1 euro per month to surf with all your devices, and the static IP to your workstation home remote, 9.15 euros per month.

The antenna for use Aeolus is provided free of charge and is installed by an authorized technician; the operation is free when provides for mounting on a pole that already exists on the roof/balcony and a laying of the cable up to a maximum length of 20 metres, for 2 hours of work of the technical certificate, otherwise you can request an advanced installation for a fee.

The € 100 voucher free with Aeolus House 0 Limits allows you to purchase on the Pounds – the platform dedicated to cinema on demand – your favorite movies, no subscription or constraints. You can watch the content on different platforms, such as smart TV, PC, tablet and mobile, streaming or offline, with to direct download.

The offer can be activated from this link.

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