Enrico Piaggio-An Italian dream comes on Rai 1: the history


Published on Nov 08, 2019


We left it grappling with the mysteries to solve in the farm, Morra, we find him playing the role of Enrico Piaggio. Let's talk about Alessio Boni which in the tv film dedicated to the story of the entrepreneur, will be the protagonist of the story. It is the story of Enrico Piaggio, an entrepreneur, who has won her bet after the Italian war. A brilliant idea, an idea that serves to save his company will be at the base of the success of the Piaggio. To address the enormous difficulties being encountered by his company's airplanes, and save you from the pavement of the many workers who work in the Piaggio includes the necessity to transform the production and placing on the market of a means of transport innovative, agile and, above all, within the reach of all pockets. And it is in this climate that the idea of the Vespa! Enrico Piaggio-An Italian dream, tells us about the very genesis of this idea and the creation of a project that is still winning. A world of ideas and the key figures who together with Enrico, will change the history of his company but a little also of all Italy.

But let's find out some more details on the story told in the tv movie that will air on November 12, 2019 on Rai 1.

It is 1945. The factory Enrico Piaggio, in Pontedera, is in rubble. The twelve thousand workers that were employed are condemned to unemployment and misery. Piaggio feels the enormous responsibility that weighs on his shoulders: the lives of so many families depends on its ability to create new work. In the mind of the entrepreneur is a project: a means of transport the small, robust, agile and economical, it is capable of improving the mobility, giving impetus to the revival of economic life and civil of the Country. To give substance to this dream, Piaggio caters to the engineer Corradino D'ascanio.

The genius of the designer makes use of the experience gained in the aeronautical field in order to create a scooter that still today is the sign of creativity and Italian design: the Vespa. The way of the affirmation for Piaggio, however, is fraught with obstacles. A greedy banker, Rocchi-the Battle, using every means to take possession of the factory, hitting Piaggio in the affections most dear: his wife Paola and her daughter, Antonella, had from the marriage with a heroic military died in the war and decorated at the memory. To undermine those affected, Rocchi-the Battle resorts to the cunning and malice of Livia, a ruthless dark lady with whom Henry had had in the past a relationship. The new trap also fails for the intervention clarifier of a young and talented employee of the office of commercial advertising, and Susanna, known as Suso. Suso will contribute to achieving another brilliant idea of the Piaggio. The entrepreneur realizes that his scooter has to overcome the nature of the product to get the image and the dream. And so, when the american director William Wyler) arrives in Italy to shoot Roman Holiday, and Piaggio asked to Suso to convince him to make the Vespa the “carriage” on which to travel the two protagonists. But for the girl, lost in the streets of Cinecittà, to reach the director will prove to be a difficult undertaking. You will help a young journalist italo-american, Peter Panetta. And among them, perhaps, will take a spark...

“Enrico Piaggio. An Italian dream”, is a co-production with Rai Fiction – Moviheart, directed by Umberto Marino. With Alessio Boni, in the role of Enrico Piaggio, Enrica Pintore and in those of the wife, Paola, Beatrice Grannò in the guise of Suso and with Francesco Pannofino, in the role of the Penalty-the Battle and with the extraordinary participation of Italian actress Violante Placido in the role of Livia, Rivelli. The subject is Roberto Jannone and Francesco Massaro that also sign the script with Franco Bernini.

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