Energy Bonus, only 50% of claimants make use of it. Here's how to ask for it

Published on Mar 09, 2017

Few people know this, (it is estimated that an audience of approximately 4 million families potentially beneficiaries have benefited, at least once, about 2 million) and yet, people with low incomes can access the social bonus for electricity and gas, and thus have a reduction on the costs of the bills. It is a discount on the bill, the government has introduced and made operational by the Authority for electricity, gas and water system with the cooperation of the municipalities, and that ensures a savings on expenditure for energy to families in disadvantaged economic and physical, and to the numerous families. Energy Bonus, only 50% of claimants make use of it. The bonus is intended for families with ISEE not exceeding 8.107,5 euro or for families (with more than 3 dependent children) with ISEE not higher than 20 thousand euros. Every household which has the requirements can request for financial distress is the bonus for the supply of electricity and for gas supply. However, if the house lives a person in serious health conditions and who meets the requirements for the bonus to physical discomfort, the family may also require this facility.To submit an application, you must go to the municipality of domicile or another institution designated by the municipality, such as the Caf or the mountain communities, using the appropriate forms. Here's how to claim your Bonus energy. To apply you must have an identity document, any annex of the delegation (if the application is submitted by a delegate and not by the holder of the delivery), the completed form (even if it only requires a bonus is to simply fill in the boxes related to the single supply, electric or gas, for which you are making the demand of the facility), the ISEE certification, in the course of its validity, the annex with the members of the ISEE, and the annex for the recognition of a large family, if the ISEE is more than 8.107,5 euro (but within the 20 thousand euros). In addition, it is necessary to have some information that can be found in the bill or in the contract of supply, such as the code POD, consisting of letters and numbers, which start with EN and that identifies in some way the physical point where the energy is delivered by the supplier and taken by the end customer and the power engaged, or available as supply. Those wishing to apply for both the electricity bonus and the gas for economic distress, can use a single form, enclosing the documents required to be delivered to the municipality or to the Caf. The value of the bonus depends on the number of components of the family and is updated annually by the Authority. For the year 2017, it says on the website ““ were set to the new values. If the family is composed of 1-2 members of the bonus amounts to 112 euro, if the number of the family is 3-4 components, the sum rises to € 137, while for a family of more than 4 components are available from 165 euro.The bonus amount will be discounted directly on the electric bill, not a single solution, but divided in the various bills corresponding to consumption of 12 months following the submission of the application. Each bill shows a part of the bonus proportionate to the period to which the bill refers. When the bonus is granted, the bill is inserted into a specific communication. When the bonus is in the course of delivery, are highlighted in the bill, in the section “total network services – fixed quota”, is the successful admission to the compensation, both the detail and the amount of the application of the bonus. For the economic problems, the bonus is granted for 12 months. At the end of that period, to get a new bonus, you must renew the request for admission by submitting the appropriate application. In the event of changes to family, income and place of residence, these can be communicated to the system at the time of renewal. If, during the 12 months of facilitation, change, for example, the number of family members or the earnings situation and assets of the citizen, these can be transposed only at the time of renewal of the application for admission to the bonus. Only in case of change of residence during the period in which it is already active, the bonuses electric, the citizen must go to the new municipality (Caf) of residence, by submitting the form of change in residence. The bonus is transferred in continuity on the new contract of electricity supply (which must be active) until the maturity of the right. (ADNKRONOS)

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