EN: because the TV adaptation is not a bad transposition


Published on Oct 20, 2017


Waiting to see (finally) the film on It made by Andres Muschietti (which we have here reviewed in the preview) I wanted to review the tv series of 1990, which up until now represented the only translation of the literary masterpiece by Stephen King 1986.

I was encouraged to revisit the tv miniseries a little fever from It, with the theatrical release of the film, is hitting all the fans, and a little because of the constant reminders of the critics to the poor quality of this transposition.

There is from the outset one thing: the mini-series on It made by Tommy Lee Wallace (also records of the not lucky Halloween III is one of my earliest childhood memories (although this will not be an element capable of removing objectivity to my analysis). As well as many of the generation born between the years ’80 and early ’90's, Pennywise was one of my first boogeyman, perhaps the most representative.


I still remember very well the advertising of Mediaset announced that the first viewing of the miniseries in Italy. I remember my brother, a few years older than me, scurry to find a video for registrarcela above. It was his purpose over the years (waiting for the dvd that he purchased in the early 2000's) search for the perfect recording, each time that the miniseries was broadcast in television and cut the commercial breaks at the right time, he sought the impeccable quality of the image of the channel. So my house over the years was filled with video tapes on It, and often wasn't enough for me to read on the edge of the record, those two simple letters written in ink to try a little bit of fear.

I was able for the first time to see the entire miniseries in the period of puberty. But in one way or another, parts of the transposition of the television had become a part of my imagination long before. They were my first introduction to the world of Stephen King, who from fifteen years old and then became my reading companion preferred. And over the years, the repeated vision of the mini-series became a kind of stage.

I saw It in 1990 to 16 years of age with a high school friend that in one month he had read all 1300 pages of the book. Although Pennywise was a figure who had given me since from the childhood I started to read the novel before the age of 18. Taken the read with calm, there it took me about three months. When he concluded the summer was over, and the melancholy of the beginning of September you walked to that to have had salutary Bill, Bev, Ben and the whole band of losers.

I saw the whole miniseries at the age of 22 during a Halloween evening with friends, where the choice on the horror film to see, fell on the story of Pennywise and of the club of the losers. It was remarkable to me that three hours of the movie passed away in a very quick, and the typical defects of a transposition of the television and it was seemed so heavy as to influence the vision.

So about six years away from that last time in the past few days I have taken between the hands on that dvd, and I watched.

EN: because the TV adaptation is not a bad transposition of




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