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Published on Jul 17, 2017


The Nintendo consoles have always their charm, were often the home of authentic masterpieces. It is difficult to forget about the Metroid, Pokémon Stadium, the titles of the Mario series, not to mention the unforgettable Zelda Twilight Princess and The Wind Waker. Securities that the thought of it make us get off more than a little tear of nostalgia, and that certainly we would like to play on our smartphone become with each generation more powerful.

If there is any realm where the power of the new processors and GPU is really useful and makes a difference is without a doubt the field of emulation, in fact, here serves up a lot of computing capacity to emulate the various console.

In this article we want to talk about emulators the Nintendo Wii to Android and emulators GameCube, always for Android.

The answer is finally yes, the new devices are able to finally have a good emulation without any particular compromise. The result was achieved thanks to the progress in the development of the emulator, accompanied by the important increase of the power of our mobile devices.

Support to the libraries Vulkan on Android is still very immature, while on the PC is able to ensure a strong improvement of the performance on Smartphones OpenGL still remains the most powerful.

As of today, a good number of titles run at original speed on the smartphone with Snapdragon processor 835, and then with the Adreno GPU 540.

A few more shots you note on devices with previous Snapdragon 820 and 821 which are both GPU Adreno 530. Probably with the next versions, and the improvement of the support to the Vulkan we are going to have big progress on these terminals. Generally in most of the emulators the Adreno GPU should be better of the Evils likely to differences in the optimization.

If you have a smartphone with the latest Snapdragon processor ( HTC U11, OnePlus 5 and the Xiaomi MI6) and you really want to put it to the test, you can download the apk of the emulator Dolphin from this address. Then you can install it by following the canonical procedure of a few steps for installing the Apk on Android (if you don't remember someone no worry, we have a quick guide).

A other emulator on the high-end smartphone has reached pretty much the perfect emulation is PPSSPP, the emulator of the PSP:

While the emulator of the Playstation 2 is the most backward in development but it deserves attention here you can read our in-depth analysis in the matter.

Attention emulators are not illegal per se but only if they use proprietary software, or if you used them to perform rom and iso games that did not materially possess. Dolphin does not contain any code owned by Nintendo, and we hope that you have the software that try to emulate.

Find the rom of the Gamecube online is easy to be found on various sites, the best to download the iso of the games of the GC are:

The best way to find roms for the Wii instead is search for them on torrent, the most practical way that I know of is this:

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