Empyre: all the details of the new event Marvel from C2E2 2020


Published on Mar 01, 2020


Marvel Comics has unveiled a series of new covers and the previews of the next crossover of the summer Empyre and some of its various series and stories related during a panel at the C2E2 2020.

The gallery includes Captain Marvel #18, Captain Marvel #20, Lords of Empyre: Emperor Hulkling #1, Empyre #4, Empyre: Fantastic Four #0, Empyre: Stormranger #2 and the Lords of Empyre: Swordsman.

The panel real present were the co-writer Al Ewing, the executive director, Tom Brevoort, and the mind behind the New Media Marvel, Ryan Penagos, as well as C. B. Cebulski, who have defined the crossover as a spiritual sequel of the wars between the Skrull and Kree.

After showing the teaser for “propaganda” by John Tyler Christopher, Ryan Penagos indicates some of the classic moment of the continuity that this event will raise in 2020. Fantastic Four #2 (where some of the Avengers are transformed into livestock), Avengers Annual #14 (where the Skrull lose their gift to change form for a certain period), Fantastic Four #257 (the FF saved Galactus, who then destroys the Skrull Throneworld), Avengers #347 (the Avengers fail to stop the detonation of a bomb, that ends up killing many of the Kree – then the most powerful heroes of the Earth, un says the Supreme Intelligence).

And more recently, Secret Invasion #8 (where Norman Osborn kills the Empress Veranke), Guardians of the Galaxy #25, where the X-Men “allow” the destruction of the home planet Kree, Hala.

To then describes how AVENGERS: EMPYRE #0 imposed the introduction of the Avengers to the event. “They are called by some old friends and telling them that there is a combined fleet of Kree / Skrull. How to deal with this? What they feel about it?”

In the following, KP: EMPYRE #0 introduces a new Elder of the Universe, the Career, that is an arms dealer, who explains that the end of the war, Kree / Skrull has severely damaged the business.

In FF, Valerio and Franklin recruit Wolverine and Spider-Man to be part of a new training of the FF.

One of the pages of EMPYRE #1 shows a Ghost-Quinjet. Exact, a Quinjet to Ghost Rider. Cebulski says that of Empyre: Spider-Man is difficult to talk about without spoilers. “Is the entrance of Spider-Man in the big events going on in around the world in EMPYRE. It is a story of Spider-Man very much at the level of the earth, you will contrast to FF. And it should be a lot of fun,” says Brevoort.

Lords of Empyre: Swordsman of Alex Paknadel and Thomas Nichlik will be more “action-packed” than the first two stories of the LoE, “and provide a good vision of the character”.

Also, Spider-Woman will be presented on the Capitain Marvel #20 as one of his lieutenants.

X-Men #10, and #11 will be dedicated to the EMPYRE, and “will play a significant role” in the event.

Moving on to the questions of the public and journalists, and, when asked about the role of Tradition in this crossover in the relationship to Hulkling (who has the Kree Emperium from his part – the Utopian End will appear in the Guardians), they say that they can't say a lot. Ewing has then specified that the story is set on Earth and close to the... there will be consequences for this epic face in Guardians of the Galaxy. But the action is around the Earth, in the region of the Earth... we will not have to go beyond Pluto. Brevoort added that we will be able to see Nick Fury “by the end”.

The panel closes with Tom Breevort whose knowledge of the continuity Marvel is put to the test by the fans: and if the quarry well.

Empyre: all the details of the new event Marvel from C2E2 2020 is




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