Emma Watson is the star of Interview Magazine


Published on Apr 26, 2017


Photos via Interview Magazine

This is surely the moment of Emma Watson that, after the success of “beauty and the Beast”, and returned powerfully in the spotlight.

Finished the promotional tour for the Disney movie, this month the 27-year-old is the star of Interview Magazine who, after having devoted a shooting, he entrusted his interview to the actress Jessica Chastain. Here is what he responded to her questions.

On how to face his fear of the expectations:

“When I gave the auditions for the role of Hermione, I was scared, because I didn't know anyone. I just knew that I loved that character, I loved that role and that world, and I submitted to audition for this reason. Even now I have fears to deal with, as in the case of ‘beauty and The Beast’ for which I had to sing for the first time. The journalists asked me if I would be able to try a similar task and I felt within me that I had to push myself to the maximum. Also the night before my speech to the United Nations, I felt emotionally to the pieces, I thought I was going to hyperventilate.”

On the effects of technology and social media:

“I think social is a minefield. The technology in this time is moving fast, people get confused in trying to understand what it means to live life on the internet, what is the privacy. I think that you are trying to find the rules, but it's really difficult. The Internet is really a powerful medium in which our freedom needs to be governed and not limited, and at the same time, there is a need to protect the people.”

On what do you do when want to have fun:

“What do I do? Sew! Are quite competitive when it comes to my banana bread, and chocolate. I don't think people can understand how good. It really is of a very high level. Then I like to play with my cat. I love to travel. Before starting the tour we have been on a safari and I liked it a lot. She loves to dance. I am a girl that stands up and dancing without having drunk alcohol. A beautiful song and I are in the mail. I like a lot the’ hip-hop and when I talk, people tell me, ‘ Really? You really like this kind of music?’ and I say, ‘of Course, I love Lady Gaga and Beyonce.”





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