Emma Watson: “I'm single and happy”


Published on Nov 05, 2019


Photos via British Vogue

To see it on the big screen in “Little Women” will have to wait until Christmas, in the meantime, Emma Watson agreed to pose for the latest issue of British Vogue. Of course, the actress has agreed to talk about us in a long interview in which it was unbuttoned about his relationship status.

Here are the most salient.

On the approach of her 30th birthday:

“Once I thought: ‘Why the 30 years are cause for so much concern? According to me, are not a big problem, then I turned 29 years old, and immediately I felt stressed and anxious. And I realize that the thing is due to all the subliminal messages that surround us. If you have not bought the house, you have not found a husband, you don't have a child, you do not have a stable career, but you're going to do 30 years and you're still trying to figure out still how things go, then you are entitled to all this anxiety.”

On being single:

“I never believed those who claim to be happily single, but you know what? Today I am single and happy. I partner myself.”

On playing Meg in “Little Women“:

“Meg is a feminist, makes her own choices. His choice is to be a mother and wife full-time. For Jo, instead, being married is comparable to the prison. But Meg says: ‘you Know, I love all of this and I'm really happy because being married and having children is what I want. My dreams are no less important than your only because they are different.”





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