Emissions SAR: Here is the Ranking of smartphones that emit the most harmful radiation


Published on Nov 18, 2018


The technology world moves faster and faster. The company continue to churn out new smartphone models and we take great care to analyze the characteristics to understand what are the most interesting, but do not focus never our attention on the emissions from the SAR, i.e. on the rate of absorption of the electromagnetic energy emitted from the phone and transposed by the human body.

Periodically Statesman publishes a table with the smartphone and the brands that they emit more radiation and those which emit the least amount of radiation. The one that we propose below is updated at the end of August:

The Xiaomi Mi A1 is the one that produces more radiation, followed by the OnePlus 5T and various models of Huawei.

The Apple smartphone “worst” from the point of view of the SAR is the iPhone 7 (1.38 w/Kg). Small improvements with the iPhone 8 (1.32 w/Kg) up to 0.99 w/Kg with the more recent models of the iPhone XS and XS Max.

The lower emissions we have with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, with just 0.17 w/Kg, which therefore can qualify as the smartphone to be less harmful to health. Samsung generally does a good job in this aspect because many of the smartphone more modern made by this company, we find them right in the ranking of the lowest emissions.

Good job also to ZTE, the Axon Elite, LG G7, and Google Pixels XL.

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