Emilio Salgari and water australia – Review

Published on Feb 24, 2018

Emilio Salgari and the water australia is a comic that was born from an idea of the Collective big Nose and Cyrano Comics, a cultural association that brings together the young talents of the comic veronese.

It is a story that we could define as an effective crossover of steampunk, between an unusual, Emilio Salgari, and a semidivino Buffalo Bill! A story skillfully written by Enrico “Foggy” Martini that does not linger to infuse already from the first pages the action and mystery blended to the component that is the background to the famous protagonists: the legend.

Emilio Salgari, a well-known writer from verona father of Sandokan, is the protagonist together with the Colonel Cody (alias Buffalo Bill), an adventure that mixes the genres, which confuses the reality of the era, the traditions and the local legends, with the fantasy of our times, as do the turbid waters of a river in flood.

Here, the water, which in this story is even portentous, and with large powers, of the element to solve the recurring in many works of art comes, in this comic, to play a key role in the adventure of our characters.

The screenplay is orchestrated by Enrico Martini is not bad, but it seems to run quickly to unexpected ways to immerse immediately the reader in the rhythms of the action.

The writer focuses on the characterization of the protagonists, who find themselves soon embroiled in a mystery that could put at stake the lives of many people.

The reason for the “Foggy” has “slowed down” the deepening of the characters may be voluntary, given the length of the comic book which has 100 pages.

It is pleasant that the work done on the transformation of the characters, so you can feel interesting and satisfying capacity carried out by the artists in the play something special which, however, has the flavour of “already seen”, as if the primary inspiration came from a work such as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, for example.

We find, therefore, a Emilio Salgari as agile hero, the act as to play the role of the shoulder that of the main protagonist, and a handsome and bearded Buffalo Bill who, after an experience of near-death, he finds himself awarded the role of protector of nature, guided by the Great Spirit.

Verona, also known as the city of love, a city full of masterpieces, a nodal center of trade to Europe where the kebab meets the boiled meat with pearà, in short, all the things that we already know more or less all.

But there are aspects of Verona surprising and unknown to most, the legends that are mixed with the daily as if it invented. An example of that? And if I told you that this is the city that has hosted the circus of Buffalo Bill?!

You, just him, american colonel William Frederick Cody, known as Buffalo Bill, the legendary cowboy from the deadly aim to boot, that led to the Arena of Verona, the Wild West Show in 1890.

It was on this occasion that Emilio Salgari, the chronicler designated the Italian leg of the circus of the stars and stripes, he met Cody and, just from this episode, Enrico Martini, Marco Triolo and the boys of the Collective Nose are inspired to create a story incredibly cool, but imbued with real elements.

The characters, the setting, the historical period and even the small “robots” that appear in the story, make an explicit reference to the puppet mechanics, created by the scottish Holden, who played the New Theatre, and that they were described by Thompson in his comprehensive article.

The fund chart has been curated by several artists, all of whom have worked on the various chapters that make up the comic managed to show a detailed attention to everything that makes up the table, the settings in the first place, which as we well know, play an important role in comic book adaptation history.

Thus we see the graphic work of Giancarlo Brun who show a particular ability in emphasizing the expressiveness of the characters, the drawings very much “to the east” of David Zuppini, the retro style of Marco Triolo and, finally, Andrea Budget with its stretch's detailed but at the same time very cartoonish.

It should be noted that, despite the combined work of several artists, the end result appears to be fragmented, and indeed, it seems almost every artist has been delegated to draw the part of the comic that is most suitable to his style, expressing the most of their artistic potential.

Emilio Salgari and the water wonderful is the first volume of the experiment” a miniseries that will consist of two volumes and will end with the next exit: Emilio Salgari, and the two bison.

Published by Cyrano Comics presents format, stapled 100 pages, black-and-white for the price of 5,90 euro.

In the succession of these beautiful plates in black-and-white, Emilio Salgari and water portentous looks definitely like a product of modern, valid, well structured, in terms of technical and artistic. A product suitable for lovers of action, stirred with the fun, but especially to the lovers of the command, of the mysteries, and science fiction.

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