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Published on Feb 17, 2018


The Collective Naso, active group within the cultural association of Cyrano Comics of Verona, proposes an experiment that is involved in the first line the writer Henry “Foggy” Martini, published by Shockdom, who in the company is accompanied by a team of designers, consisting of: Giancarlo Brun, Marco Triolo, Andrea Budget and David Zuppini. As a cover artist, we find Nicola Bernardelli Andrea and Budget, that pay homage to the illustrator of the first edition of Emilio Salgari, Alberto Della Valle.

This experiment is Emilio Salgari and the Water Marvellous, a book of 100 black and white pages that will continue (and conclude) with a second number of next output: Emilio Salgari, and the Two Bison.

Having a model The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Foggy takes inspiration from the encounter really happened between two historical characters: the writer Emilio Salgari, the creator of Sandokan and the Black Corsair, and William Frederick Cody, known as Buffalo Bill. The two met in 1890, at Verona, when Buffalo Bill and three in the senate and his Old Wild West Show inside the arena. Well, in the mind of Foggy that meeting led to an exciting collaboration!

Emilio Salgari and Water Australia begins with the arrival of Buffalo Bill in Verona, when the amphitheatre is full suddenly of cowboys, indians, buffalo and horses. Already from the first pages the reader understands that behind this story there is the simple “whim” of bringing together two historical figures are so different between them: in fact, the project is based on serious documentation, so much so that they are even mentioned in the newspapers of the time.

But as the adventure begins?
While Thompson and Buffalo Bill discuss some of the differences, the two are attacked by a group of masked men: after having escaped the danger, the american reveals to the writer that someone is in search of a miraculous fountain to take advantage of its water for evil purposes, and his aim is to stop it. Will Thompson to lead him, even if that excursion certainly will not be without obstacles...

The story of Emilio Salgari and Water Portentous is divided into four chapters, each illustrated by a different designer: the reader will find in front of different styles, from the humorous to the design more similar to the manga, the more mature style that a bit more raw. Surely to stand out is the first chapter, designed by Giancarlo Brun, features a stretch more experienced and aware.
In addition, to contextualize the plot there is a deepening of Claudio Gallo and Giuseppe Bonomi, dedicated to the historic meeting between Buffalo Bill and Emilio Salgari, documented by magazines and newspapers.

Definitely the strong point of the book is the character of Buffalo Bill (despite its name does not appear in the title), capable of stealing the scene, often to Salgari: the background of “the mystical”, which sees him a slave of the forces of nature, is able to intrigue the reader enough to want a second volume that concludes the story.


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