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Published on Jun 23, 2018


Salgari and Buffalo Bill are located in Vigasio where there is the source, believed to be a first time exhausted, in which you can find a water and is capable of great wonders, and able to feed the machines that the technology of the fantastic the NINETEENTH century has developed. But the members of the Holden Puppet Gang have decided to take that water and use it for their purpose, certainly not peaceful. And so Suiyo becomes an ally of our friends – Emilio Salgari and his sword together with the film crew of the Wild West Show of Buffalo Bill – in order to defeat the common enemy.

After the first number, by the title of Emilio Salgari and water australia (the review here), return to the Collective big Nose and Cyrano Comics, with a second volume, which involves once more the screenwriter Enrico “Foggy” Martini and the artists Enrico Giusti, Giancarlo Brun and Andrea Budget. To the beautiful covers we find Nicola Bernardelli Andrea and Budget, that as to the first issue, paying homage to the illustrator of the first editions of the books of Salgari's, or Alberto's in The Valley.

The first fact you can do in this comic is the choice of whether to indicate Salgari as (the only) protagonist; the mussel in reality with the story itself, which sees a lot of shadow in this issue (even more than seen in the first), given that Buffalo Bill is the undisputed star, even for the special powers that he has and help him to solve all the situations... let's say, then, that the situation is rather paradoxical, almost as if Conan Doyle had indicated as a protagonist Watson in the titles of the stories of Holmes.

That said, the comic works moderately well, with a good pace, of course, there are twists egregious and the nature of the powers of Buffalo Bill is certainly not original, just think He is in the Filmation (1987), in which the protagonist could count on the skills animal of the bear, puma, wolf, and hawk. The rest of the characters is abbozzzato, but never really in depth, also because of the restricted number of pages (for an Italian). Which, unfortunately, happens also to the one who gives the title to the story, as said previously.

The alternation of designers note, but it is not disturbing, although of course, even if the quality is on average good, it is equally true that some of the boards are less dynamic, and some of the lack of faces too caricatured. Of course, in a work of steampunk one of the profiles the most fascinating is to show a mechadesign eye-catching, but here's just a few of the vehicles are left at the margins.

The B-side of the volume contains a short story starring Sherlock Holmes, with trusty Watson, and that takes a bit from the introduction of the characters for future volumes: the story is well-dosed, no-frills, with a drawing style rather euromanga, which still manages to emphasize the mood a bit ironic in the story itself. The story here is always Henry's “Misty,” Martini, while the designs of Michele Righetti.

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