Emanuele Trimarchi in tears, to Live-Not the d'urso confirmation of the charges to the agents of Pamela Prati


Published on May 09, 2019


From the pages of the weekly magazine Chi, former suitor of Men and Women, Emanuele Trimarchi, had told the story of his dramatic work experience and the human side of Eliana Michelazzo and Pamela Pericciolo, the two agents of Pamela Prati. He spoke of a veritable cult, of a year of hell living next to them. In addition to having ruined the love story with the tronista that at the time, who chose him, according to the narrative of Trimarchi, the two agents, he would have been cheated economically speaking, keeping part of the cachet that it would be up to him for evenings and events. It will certainly be one of the people involved riparleranno in the appropriate venues, but in tv, the words of the Trimarchi have a strong eco because it seem to describe what is the same modus operandi of which also other people have spoken. READ HERE THE STATEMENTS OF EMANUELE WHO

It is clear that date to the newspapers, and then to Live-Not the d'urso, is the version of Emanuele, from which the agents of the Meadows, take the distances. But as the former suitor in his interview for those Who arrived to speak even of his most intimate fragility-has revealed she attempted suicide, the story takes on the contours are very different.

The former suitor of Men and Women reveals their mandate, in times not suspects, after seeing them on tv, message to Eliana. And also cites the text of one of these messages:

“Dear sisters, much time has passed by our fantastic the friendship, I have missed so much, see you again yesterday on tv was a unique emotion, a fake story already lived on my skin. Karma exists thanks to God, besides spoiling the image of others can ruin your. You are wonderful! I love you! You will have your well deserved punishment for the evil that spread to the people. That God will rebuke the beasts of Satan!”

Emanuele also reveals that, after this message, he received an anonymous phone call very particular.

Before I got a call it sounded like a threat, because I wrote to Eliana on Instagram when I saw it on television (the allusion is to its being held in Live – is Not the d'urso, editor's note), he told me, ‘I have a delivery for her, a fishing rod. Ah karma vatte to ammazzà’”.

Of course, Eliana Michelezzo rejects any accusation. Yesterday was not a Live but the social did you know that you will act and is acting, in a legal way.

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