Elon Musk reveals name of her baby... maybe!


Published on May 06, 2020


Photo via the web

The bizarre names that the celebrity they choose for their children we have been accustomed to (hey, in 2004, Gwyneth Paltrow chose Apple as the name of his first-born daughter!), but today we discover that there is no limit to the imagination of new parents of oltreoeano.

To prove it we have thought of Elon Musk and his partner Grimes, for their child, which we still do not know the sex, have opted for a name so strange that we could use it as a perfect password for our account.

Are you ready to find out? Well, the south african entrepreneur has announced on the social, that the small answers to the name of X Æ A-12 Musk.

That is a joke? Perhaps, but many have noted that Æ is pronounced Ash and, in the end, it's not so bizarre.

Waiting to find out the truth about it, enjoy the first official picture of the small (or small?).

Photo: @ Twitter/ Elon Musk




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