Elodie tells you to UNF,a woman grown, and more secure: This is Elodie


Published on Feb 17, 2020


We listened to the Festival of Sanremo 2020, we admired her down the stairs of the stage of the Ariston theatre with its elegance. The song Andromeda is loved and has brought a “new” Elodie in Sanremo, but also in radio. Today let us tell you a little more about the singer who grew up in these years after the gymnasium of the Friends school. A woman more mature, a professional who has found his way and says that This is Elodie. His record speaks to us of her, of her way of being, of living and thinking. A self-portrait in music that makes us get closer to a Elodie for some aspects it is even unheard of.

The interview with Elodie for the Latest News Flash.

“Andromeda” has exceeded 3.8 million of streaming ,the official video for the song has been seen more than 3.7 million times and we have had the pleasure of chatting with Elodie, here is our interview.

Let's start from your album in the title has a whole program! This is Elodie...what is there in the texts, the music of these songs to you the best way to describe?

Elodie is exactly what you see and what there is in “This is Elodie”. It's a melting-pot, are born from the mother of Guadeloupe, French and Italian father, raised in Rome and a year and a half I live in Milan. I live In many cultures, traditions, habits and tastes.
In this album there is all of me, is all that are at this time. It is an album that represents me as a whole, a set of sounds and different styles. Use a language a bit more “raw” compared to things made in the past, I gave the chance to my soul, more urban to emerge. I expect that, listening to him, you have to understand is that Elodie has grown to become a woman secure of themselves and their ability.

In this Sanremo 2020 is a much talked about women: do you think that the text of the song was understood in the right way and the message that you wanted to give it arrived?

Absolutely yes, Andromeda tells the story of the myth of a woman chained to a rock, but for me and for all those who listen to the song those chains are our weaknesses, each has its own and each can be reflected in a different way in Andromeda.

About Sanremo, which has been the criticism that has “hurt” you the most and what is instead the one that it considers more constructive

In general, I try to analyze the criticism, and grasp the positive aspect that I can to help it grow. According to me this is the right attitude to face the stage, and the judgment of the people who are listening to me. I try to learn from mistakes, I have fallen so many times, but the criticism I have always helped her to grow and to improve. This Sanremo it went very well, there have been no criticisms especially bad in my regard.

Makes you angry about the fact that often you say that your stage presence is so strong as to overshadow your voice?

I have read many of the comments to my performances, because I'm curious to know what the public thinks, I was very pleased to read that all have understood to what extent the project is “Andromeda” was studied at 360 degrees and made up ad hoc, with a song created especially for me, to look studied in detail with my stylist, Ramona, Tabitha, that I admire very much. We have worked in many a hurry so that the whole were cured in the minimums details. I hope I have given the best of me, this is me, Elodie.

Lots of compliments for your look , rely on Donatella Versace is synonymous with Elegance, but there is someone who has had something to say about the outfits that she chose for the evening of cover songs. The feeling our is that instead of your choice has been targeted as if you wanted us to focus on the exhibition, more than the rest...

Exactly. Speaking of the periphery, and therefore also of the district from which I come, I wished that everything was focused on the music, on the words of the text, and the pianist who accompanied me.

Prejudice to their evening of duets, your definitely arrived straight to the heart for the emotions aroused, even thou you seemed particularly moved in the course of the exhibition...

The text of “Now you” always manages to touch the strings of my sensitivity, it is called the suburbs, a reality that I know well. The stage of Sanremo has done all the rest.

You were one of the “ex-friends” to take the highest vote from the press room. In these days it is mounted to a controversy over the fact that journalists, in the study of talent, “blowjob” maybe a little bit over the guys without criticism and then once finished the show, are particularly demanding with them, it would not be a case the last place of Riki, and the positions of the Jordanian and Alberto ( who, among other things, for the public, instead it was from second place)...What do you think of this controversy?

The talent, in my case, Friends, gives you the chance to get to know you and to have available the adequate tools to study and understand better how it works the world of music. Once you are in school, my only thought was the music, I had no other concerns. When you exit the bubble of talent, the difficulty is to be able to find their way and this depends a lot from themselves, the perseverance, the character, the stubbornness, but also by luck.

It is said that this in some ways was the Festival of the women, even if we are not properly agree, that the rest of the ranking tells us that the first three places were for three men...

Music is a universal language, knows no gender, geographic origin, and does not know the language, because it speaks to the heart of the people. I'm super happy to have won Diodato, was my favorite, I think highly a lot and know him personally, is a great artist. I am convinced that it is not important the sex of the artists, what will remain will be the songs and the music.

How do you prepare for the great debut for your the live of April, what do you expect from these “first times” ?

The time is right. Is an experience that is important and significant for any singer and I would like to give the audience the best of me. I'm certain that the super band, all female, with which I am preparing for this new challenge, I will be of great help and support.

You're living a particularly serene and fortunate, there is something that you are missing?

I tend not to give too much weight to what I'm missing, I prefer to look at what I have and what I was able to reach. It is a particularly positive period for me, I am pleased with the goals that have been conquered and I thank all the people who are accompanying and supporting.

Thank you Elodie for the time that he has granted us, and also thank the press office. Please note that Elodie will be on the 16th of April in Santeria Toscana 31 in Milan and on the 18th of April at the Teatro Centrale in Rome.

The article Elodie tells you to UNF,a woman grown, and more secure: This is Elodie comes from the Latest News Flash.




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