Ellen DeGeneres “unmasked” by one of his former employee


Published on May 11, 2020


A former member of the staff of the Ellen DeGeneres stated that the presenter “is not always kind.” Continue to turn many other items on his bad behavior behind-the-scenes of tv presenter. The New York Post reported another witness, the former employee of the staff said: “The stories are all true!”. He continued: “it Is always kind? No. It irritates me the fact that people think that it is all sweetness and kindness.”

The stories about Ellen DeGeneres, 62 years old, began to circulate after Kevin T. Porter, the comedian, has posted a tweet in march to solicit people to send him a message with “the top stories from the fools that have heard of Ellen”. Kevin Porter has been flooded by messages from several users who said they have had interactions and anything else that is pleasant with Ellen – which has been called “notoriously one of the most bad ever met” – in the course of the years.

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Then, at the beginning of April, Ellen was criticized strongly on social media after he said they feel behind the bars during the pandemic from Covid-19 during his show to chat the daytime. “It's like being in prison,” said Ellen to his fans during his show on the April 7, while he was sitting in a large living room with windows that opened onto a large courtyard full of plants. “Especially because I wear the same clothes for 10 days and everyone here is gay,” joked.

The response on Twitter has been very rapid. “Ellen, you're in your luxury villa in designer clothes, does not resemble at all to the prison,” wrote a user. Another tweeted: “What a beautiful look for Ellen while thousands of people sit in the cells of the prisons, hoping only for the best of disinfectant, and equipment basis”. In short, many have found his own batting out of place, she could surely avoid you in order not to cause harm to people who are less well of her.

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Ellen has been criticized heavily for its insensitivity. In addition, the team's main stage for his show – about 20 people – has not received any communication on issues such as remuneration and working hours. The team of the show has taken the decision to hire a technology company to help Ellen DeGeneres to broadcast from home, reducing at the same time the salaries of his team's 60% during the emergency Coronavirus.

It seems that only four of the main members of the crew are currently working on version remote of Ellen, according to Variety. Not quite correct given that it says that Ellen has a gain of 77 million dollars a year for his talk show. It is estimated that the net assets total of 330 million dollars.

Another testimony: Tom Majercak has been taken for the safety of Ellen when she attended the Academy Awards 2014. Tom in an interview with Fox News he said that he has always avoided eye contact with him and treated him in a way that is humiliating. “Ellen is the only person to whom I was assigned – and I have been assigned to several celebrities – who never took the time to greet me,” said Majercak. “When you see it on TV, people fall in love with her, but it is only a false front,” he added.

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