Ellen DeGeneres: “I'm in jail”... and taking the criticism from the fans


Published on Apr 09, 2020


The most famous, host of the american has received quite a few criticism after a joke made last Monday. Like many conductors, even Ellen DeGeneres has decided to continue his talkshow from home during the quarantine. The fans immediately criticized DeGeneres for having said that to stay in self-isolation is like being in prison.

The fans have not hesitated to criticize his joke about the quarantine, compulsory, necessary because of the global pandemic in progress. Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia De Rossi, during the show, he said: “One thing I realized during quarantine, is that this is like being in prison, that's what it is!”. Then continued the joke by saying “it Is mainly because I have on the same clothes for 10 days, and here are all gay”.

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The video of the episode on Monday is “not available” on YouTube Wednesday, but the comments of the viewers below the video were really a lot. Many accused Ellen, 62 years, of being insensitive to compare its quarantine as a prison, knowing that it is located in a huge villa with a swimming pool. Ellen DeGeneres went on to say: “I'm sorry for all the kids who are home for the students and the parents. I feel sorry for many people. But I think that people now are in need of words of encouragement and that is what I want to give”.

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Despite having tried to crack the joke with this phrase of comfort, many viewers found the comments unacceptable. Especially considering that more and more prisoners are proving to be positive for the coronavirus. One viewer, under the video of YouTube, commented: “sitting at home, in your villa from $ 15 million lamenting and comparing it to a prison... a little inappropriate Ellen.”

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