Ellen DeGeneres and the story shock: Abused by his stepfather


Published on May 29, 2019


Ellen, the mother and stepfather... a story to thrill

Ellen DeGeneres, the famous host of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” he told of the abuse in adolescence. It would have been his stepfather for damaging it, and to take advantage of her. The actress at the age of 15 years discovered that her mother was suffering from a serious breast cancer. So to the microphones with David Letterman says: “He told me that he had felt a lump touching the breasts of my mother, and then he wanted to touch mine.” Ellen had already spoken of the abuse of her stepfather, but has stressed the importance of talking about it.

The DeGeneres believes that, in so doing, can be of help to other girls who are in the same situation and prevent that from being done what has been done to you. The 61-year-old explained that her former stepfather had assaulted her for the first time when his mother was out of town, telling her that he wanted to make sure about his physical condition. “At the time I didn't know that any physical would be different and that not all women had the same problems and the same physicality”.

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“Anyway, he convinced me that he needed to feel if my breast was normal and then he tried it again another time, another time again, and has even tried to force the door of my room. At that point, I gave a kick at the window and I started running because I knew that it would end badly”.

Elle is not told anything of this to his mother, given the circumstances, he did not want to upset her. News of this kind would compromise further the conditions of his health. With hindsight, the comic said: “I never had to protect her,” he said. “I had to protect myself. Not saying anything and staying silent was a mistake. Then, when I told my mother the truth, she does not I have believed, and remained with him for another 18 years”.

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The DeGeneres then explained explained that her mother eventually left her husband after she noticed that he kept changing his version of events. “When I see people who speak, especially now, it makes me angry when the victims are not believed, because they simply do not invent things.”







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