Elite x3 HP features the functions of the phablet, laptop and PC in a single device | MWC 2016


Published on Feb 24, 2016


HP Inc. announced at the Mobile World Congress an innovative solution that revolutionizes the experience of mobile computing. We find, therefore, the new Elite x3, the three-in-one HP!

HP Inc. announced at the Mobile World Congress an innovative solution that revolutionizes the experience of mobile computing. Designed to be versatile so as to address the enormous change of the mode and of the work environments, HP Inc. presents a new mobile ecosystem that will drive the next generation of computing. HP Elite x3 with Windows 10 mobile includes all the features of the phablet, laptop and desktop pc in one device, enabling users to experience the use of the main apps business and always.

“The commercial mobility is a disruptive innovation in the company and we have never seen innovation at these levels,” said Dion Weisler, President and Chief Executive Officer of HP Inc. “HP Elite x3 is a mobile platform that is revolutionary, combining mobility and computing in a significant way. With the strength of our partners we are transforming the industry and making the promise of productivity in a mobile environment a reality for their customers.”

Professionals now expect a style of computing that is different, but is still forced to rely on different technologies and devices to work. With Elite x3, the skills of the channel partners and the latest innovations of Microsoft, Qualcomm Technologies Inc. and Salesforce, HP offers the next generation of computing solutions, in which the productivity of a PC and flexibility of a laptop are integrated in a single device.

“Windows 10 is designed for an era of more personal computing’, in which the experiences, content and data are available constantly in mobility,” said Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft. “Together with our partners, including HP, Qualcomm, and Salesforce, we are focusing in making customers productive wherever they are, giving continuity to our mission of helping each individual user and organization in the world to achieve higher and higher”.

“The last processor of Qualcomm, joined the leadership of HP in the segment of the PC business, helps to give shape to the future of computing,” said Steve Mollenkopf, Chief Executive Officer, Qualcomm Incorporated. “The innovative use of HP processor Snapdragon 820 with LTE takes advantage of its powerful performance and low power consumption, allowing the phablet HP Elite x3 offer the experience of a PC”.

“Speed is the new currency of business, forcing companies to provide their employees with tools that allow to work anywhere, anytime and on any device,” said Marc Benioff, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Salesforce. “We are proud to work with partners such as HP and Microsoft for putting in the hands of every mobile user the power of the Salesforce1 platform and CRM the world's number one.”

“The concept of ‘end-to-end HP, applied to Elite x3, it is simply innovative,” said Tom Richards, Chief Executive Officer, CDW. “The device is remarkable in itself, but the real innovation is the ecosystem of accessories Elite x3 that allows a continuous experience on all platforms of computing, by providing a solution that exceeds the BYOD and goes towards a transformation of the workflow mobile.

A single device that contains all

Elite x3 is the first mobile device designed for the business that encompasses the productivity of a phablet, laptop and desktop computer in a single device without any discontinuity. Using the Continuum to Windows 10, Elite x3 allows for an easy transition to multi-screen between smartphone and desktop.

Users can connect Elite x3 with its ecosystem of accessories and use it as a laptop or a desktop, having at the same time, productivity on-the-go in the phablet business class premium. Users can effortlessly switch from the use of Elite x3 as a desktop, laptop or mobile device, without having to worry about thinking about which device to use for every work environment. Elite x3 takes advantage of, additionally, biometric systems to unlock the device and provide an additional level of security to enterprise customers.

“From the indications of our clients, we understand that the needs of mobility of some of the business users were not being met, as well as the need for productivity in a mobile environment equal to that of the PC,” said Michael Park, Vice President and General Manager, Mobility, HP Inc. “HP Elite x3 is the direction that is going to the computing – one device that provides the functions of all the others: a technological solution for modern work environment is ‘mobile-centric’ combined with the great benefits to IT.”

Elite x3 offers a computing experience that leverages the power of the Snapdragon processor 820, Windows 10 Mobile with Windows Continuum, HP Desk Dock, and a Mobile Extender is optional, allowing users to work according to their needs wherever they may be. Users can also count on a reload faster and easier with the technology Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. The Desk Dock offers the full experience of a desktop optimized for the Elite x3. The device includes a DisplayPort for connecting to external monitor, two USB-a and USB-C for the management of operational continuity and an Ethernet port to manage either the work from the desk. Elite x3 and it can be placed vertically on your Desk Dock , with a comfortable angle which guarantees a perfect view when the user sits at the desk. Elite x3 can be placed on the desk dock with and without the protective case. HP Mobile Extender creates the experience of a laptop with a screen with almost no bezel, 12.5-inch (31,7 cm) weight approximately 1 kg. For greater security are not saved data on the Mobile Extender: all of your apps, passwords, and files are saved and managed by the Elite x3.

Elite x3 also allows users to work with their favorite apps and on which they most rely. HP Workspace, an app-catalog designed by HP to allow easy access to virtual applications, allows an experience of use of the app without discontinuity. HP Workspace creates a virtual PC on Elite x3, with which users can access catalogs, corporate app x86 using a virtual solution. Thanks to the Desk Dock and the Mobile Extender, users can quickly access their app virtual with a full keyboard and a mouse, usually not available when you are using a mobile device.

The platform Elite x3 has the potential to change the way of working of companies through the use of a single device. HP works with the Salesforce platform, CRM the number one in the world, to equip every Elite x3 of Salesforce1. Salesforce1 sets a new standard for CRM, allowing users to manage their business from their mobile device, with powerful tools that work together in the cloud, being so updated in real time on any data they need. With Elite x3 and Salesforce1, the sellers can manage and update all of their customers data CRM faster than ever before, doing the work wherever they are.

Pricing and availability

HP Elite x3 will be available this summer. The prices of the device and its ecosystem of accessories, and subscriptions will be made known before its launch. Also announced were two new printers:

HP OfficeJet 200 Mobile Printer will be available from may. HP OfficeJet 250 Mobile All-in-One Printer will be available in September.




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