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Published on Oct 21, 2018


Elite tells the story of three boys were very poor and the school collapses, probably due to the fact that its builder is a man correct.

For this, the three young people are admitted into a school exclusive, frequented only by the elite of Spanish society. But it is not all gold that glitters: one of the students has been brutally murdered inside the school. The narration is, therefore, focused on the lives of the students that attend this school is so elitist and conflicts between social classes, so different.

Watching the new series of Spanish production of the original Netflix-you'll see a couple of familiar faces, if you have already seen The House of Paper: Miguel Herrán and Jaime Lorente, who in this Elite play the roles of two old friends, and are both part of that slice of society, the less affluent, which contrasts with the high society that attended the school Las Encinas. In addition, there is also María Pedraza, who here plays the role of the daughter rebellious teenager of a rich couple.

As the story develops, it will be shown how, and this applies to everyone, regardless of social class of origin, there is a sharp contrast between the image of the boys, but also adult people, want to give of itself to the outside and things that are actually within them. Basically, therefore, there are no characters that are unilaterally “good” or “bad”, which explains why in practice no-one is ever completely honest with anyone else, with good peace of those who is deceived, who often do not suspect that behind some of the attitudes that are unusual could be hiding a few double-end a little clean.

A lightness in the script is the fact that very often the protagonists of the story they talk about topics that are highly delicate, that may even risk putting in danger the liberty or the life of other characters, in places public or in front of many people: you do not need some tricks, because it is enough to talk about whispering not to be heard.

But what seems anachronistic is the want to propose a story that presents itself as plausible, but which in reality is affected by a number of forces in the behaviour of the characters, sometimes taken to the extreme: the kids make the protagonists of a series of criminal events with a lightness in our lives, even having to testify in front of the police agents to respond to a murder, all to protect their social status.

However, some of these elements can be traced simply to the young age of the protagonists: who is the fool is too naive to realize it, while those who pushes a little too far is moved by the recklessness of youth and the desire to enjoy life to the fullest, even at the cost of making mistakes and behave in ways that may be disliked, if they came to light.

The elite is a series that, because of its setting and the age of its protagonists, seems to turn mainly to a young audience as its protagonists. However, the presence of a number of issues and situations, even sentimental, rather complex perceive the contrast between the protagonists and their actions, which often seem more suited to a more adult audience.

The final result is, therefore, a sort of hybrid which is also difficult to pinpoint a target, with regard to the public. In addition, the tendency to put too much meat on the fire and to enter a series of amorous intrigues between the boys is a feature common to the series to a soap opera.

The elite is a drama series with the thriller linked to the mysterious and brutal murder of a student that attended one of the private institutions and the most prestigious of Spain. Characterised by a strong contempt that feeds the elite vis-à-vis of the characters less well-off (which, however, will not prevent collaboration and the birth of feelings between members of social classes are different), the narration is far too rich, and proposes a series of intrigues and situations that make us think of the soap opera.

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