Elisabetta Canalis sexy in lingerie on Instagram: storm on the web


Published on May 07, 2020


Elisabetta Canalis strongly criticized, here's the photo in her underwear posted on social

Elisabetta Canalis, a former showgirl, has posted a couple selfie in the mirror to make a real head turner. Always beautiful, the Canalis shows her breathtaking body in a underwear complete with a photo made in the mirror of his house.

Bra and panty pink trimmed with black lace and a red flower in the hair, here's what he's wearing on the Italian model. A photo is appreciated by many, but in the comments the haters were not spared. “You're a mom...” criticize some of the users.

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Elisabetta Canalis, 41 years, is a wife and mother of the little Skyler, 4 years. Apparently according to some lions from the keyboard, a mother can't feel beautiful in lingerie and show off her body. “But why do you do these photos? You are a mom... And then you do not need it! You're so vanity and insecure to want to rake in compliments? From on, a little bit of the brain,” reads the comments.

It is now twenty years since we saw Elisabetta Canalis, together with Maddalena Corvaglia as showgirls. But Elizabeth, we have never tired of it. Among many commercials, magazine covers, and gossip of love, the showgirls won the hearts of many italians.

Among the thousands of compliments and positive comments, we cannot fail to notice the evils of a few. Elisabetta Canalis criticized because the public photos a bit risqué on the Internet. The same was also happened a few weeks ago, when the showgirl had posted a black and white photo.

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In photography a few weeks ago, the Canalis was dressed in a black shirt slightly open. In fact much more covered the most recent post, but the sexual charge of the image is high. In addition to the emoji with the eyes of the heart, Elisabetta Canalis also criticized below this picture. “With the problems we are naked,” writes a user.

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