Elisabetta Canalis and Maddalena Corvaglia: the tissues back to the Strip


Published on Dec 18, 2018


And confront their enemy

Elisabetta Canalis and Maddalena Corvaglia walked along the counter the most famous of the Italian television, Striscia la Notizia in 1999 and in 2000. The two, remained in history as the pair of showgirls and the most beloved of the last few years, they have not lost sight of and are still very good friends. Together, they opened a gym in Los Angeles, the adopted home of Elizabeth, who lives there with her american husband and their little girl, and delight social with video of their frequent meetings.

Elizabeth in the past few days he was in Italy, and of course could not do less than go to find Magdalene. First in the gym and then home where, while their daughters were playing, was made to give some lesson of pole dance. Not only that, the two are back in the studios that have launched in the world of television. Together, as almost twenty years ago. And everything is of course documented on Instagram.

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See the new in the historical study of the satirical program of Antonio Ricci, this time not above the bar, engaged in interludes of silent in the outfit stunted, but behind as conductive. In front of them, the individual name plates with their name on it. Two women, not two young girls, whose life has gone forward by taking new roads, but not lose the beauty and friendliness that has made them so loved in the public and above all, show gratitude and joy in returning to the site of their first television role important.

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To close in beauty, also an ironic video in which the blonde and the brunette, in front of two photos of the current showgirls Shaila Cat (21 years old) and Mikaela Neaze Silva (23 years) take it a bit around, sbeffeggiandone the pose and then with markers by adding hair, a mustache, missing teeth, and other “beauty tips”, wrote the official profile of the Strip. Fake enemy, without rancor.



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