Elisa Isoardi, the embarrassing gaffe in The Proof of the cook freezes the public

Published on Oct 10, 2018

Elisa Isoardi La Prova del cuoco’ has become the star of a new gaffe. The beautiful girlfriend of Matteo Salvini has frozen the studio with your request

The beautiful Elisa Isoardi wanted in the studio, The Proof of the chef Pino Insegno. The actor and former de The Rewards the Firm also does a very nice job, the voice actor. And it is for this reason that the companion of Matteo Salvini has made a request a little bit special.

The beautiful Elisa Isoardi wanted to study Pino Insegno. A special guest from the great talent. With his voice, the actor has played different actors of the international film some really very charming and beautiful. In a gag with Andrea Lo Cicero, in which he tries to double it, the Isoardi asks:

“Let me the voice of Russell Crowe”.

Embarrassed to answer:

“And the other one, is Luke Ward”.

Pino Insegno is the voice of many other characters, from the great beauty:

Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Viggo Mortensen, and Jamie Foxx.

A small gaffe that is in addition to many others. “La Prova del Cuoco” by now, Elisa Isoardi, in his naivety, he commits one after the other. “The test of the cook” is changing the skin. Or at least try to. After the first month by listening to low, the program tries to get up.

Andrea Lo Cicero, found with much difficulty that a lot with the format, increase the moments of disengagement with the insertion of a fictional character in honor of the day. After the special guest yesterday, Monica Setta, great return in Rai and in tv. Today it happened to Pino Insegno, while tomorrow, Wednesday the 10th, it will be the turn of Franco di Mare. To follow will be, Sebastiano Somma and on Friday 12 closes the festival guests another welcome return, that of Alda D'eusanio.

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