Elisa Isoardi, the dramatic story of the illness: “cancer has affected me...

Published on Sep 14, 2018

The presenter de La Prova del cuoco Elisa Isoardi some time ago he spoke to the open heart of his illness, a cancer that has managed to defeat

Elisa Isoardi is a face much loved. There are a lot of his followers and the people you follow on social. In a past interview, she told of the disease that has failed to defeat a few years ago.

The tv presenter Elisa Isoardi is experiencing a very happy period emotionally, and vocationally. The companion of Salvini is proving to be a good trader and also have many projects with the Minister of the Interior, that the years he has tried to be less bulky as possible.

A figure like his is likely to overshadow the talent of Elisa, but she knows how to defend himself. Even if the program did not, for now, the record ratings, the Elisa is not demoralizza.

In 2014, during an interview on the weekly More, the host wanted to share a confession very intimate:

“I found out I had cancer, a big octopus that was compromising a part of my vocal cord the right. The doctor told me that it was necessary to intervene immediately, there was no time to lose. I almost forgot to lose the item”.

The presenter took the opportunity to remind you how important the prevention. The Isoardi, in fact, remarked:

“Even if in the majority of cases, this tumor is benign, should not be underestimated. The very delicate surgical procedure and under general anesthesia, during which the doctor will enter the throat and exports the octopus, is managed perfectly. The tumor, thankfully, is a result benign.”

To heal he had to overcome a tough test: silence:

Are due to remain shut up for seven days after the operation, and then I started training hard on the vocal cords. The training that I am still going to the speech pathologist”.

Considering how if is doing to The Proof of the Cook we can say that the tv presenter has passed with high marks in the test.

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