Elisa Isoardi ready to get back on the air with La prova del cuoco on Rai 1, but in the meantime throws a nice dig


Published on Apr 15, 2020


The conductors Rai and Mediaset in these weeks you are having to entertain their audience on social. They do this also to try to give a little positivity to those who are in the house ! And all the initiatives are certainly admirable. Among others, Elisa Isoardi these days is dabbling with recipes on his page Instagram live with other chefs, well-known faces de La prova del cuoco. We have already noted that, however, Isoardi, unlike the other well-known faces of Italian television channel Rai 1, has been put in the corner. For you no direct from home programs still on the air as live life or Stories, or One Morning. The reason for this? It is not known.

The presenter, however, today, in a direct that has seen the protagonist together with Daniele Persegani, you removed a pebble from the shoe throwing a pretty rough time at the Rai. A word to the wise...

Live with Daniele Persegani, the Isoardi on social, commented:

“We are trying to return at least on Bbc1, which would not be bad... because it gives the opportunity to many to link... and also because the catering industry is quite precarious at this time (...) let us Try to return, on may 11th, are you ready Daniel to go back into television??” .

It seems that in the Rai you are thinking that the network would be a phase 2 with some of the programs ready to be back on the air. You think of The legacy that needs to be registered as well as to Come to me, and The proof of the cook note. In this regard, then the chef Persegani, ready to get back to cooking live on Rai 1 commented: “it's also high time that we return us, and not of the replicas“.

At the place de La prova del cuoco in this period is going to wave the Green Line, choosing rather bizarre, in our opinion, and in this we are in perfect agreement. If you wanted to send in a wave of replicas, de La prova del cuoco ( as happens for all other programs with the exception of Come to me), you could think of a fiction as it happens in the summer. We had already mentioned in the past, the chance to see Don Matteo ( there are twelve seasons from to replicate or even God help us, there are five ready). Surely the ratings would have been higher as replicas of the Green Line, among other things bets transmitted by very little.

It should also be said that Green Line at the moment is making listening higher than those recorded by The test of the cook before the lockdown. But it is also true that we don't know what would have happened if they had aired the recipes, perhaps with a sort of best off of this and the past season ( leaving in the air only recipes and no race). Probably even the replica de La prova del cuoco would have been listening better than usual, we do not know!

The Isoardi, however, the lovely magicians from Instagram the spear. Going back to the assist that Persegani has provided you with said: “Oh, good so our replicas do not send you, first thing... oh well, let's go...“ .

Meanwhile, from the corridors of Viale Mazzini there's rumors about a decision taken by the management. It's rumored that the evidence of The cook, in September, we will air and you might also decide not to continue with the program even in may ( to go in the air a month about). Can it be true? Elisa Isoardi is to understand that it is ready to go...will it Happen?

We can only wait for official news, we'll see what happens!

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