Elisa Isoardi is jealous Salvini: “I burned the zucchini for that nice guy...

Published on Sep 19, 2018

La prova del Cuoco Elisa Isoardi it is left to go to a small phrase that does not escape to the audience more attentive

Elisa Isoardi is a beautiful woman. Currently the presenter de La Prova del cuoco is the companion of Matteo Salvini. Here's what you miss during the last direct.

It was more that criticized Elisa Isoardi for The Test of the cook. His program is not giving the desired results, and instead have characterized the past editions. The companion of Matteo Salvini is proving to be a good trader and will not let go, to despair.

She likes the kitchen and is demonstrating this in every episode. In the latter, however, Elisa has made a small mistake in the kitchen. She herself pointed that out.

Recently, the Minister of the interior stated, in an interview to be very jealous of his girlfriend that in fact is very nice in addition to being a woman but an intelligent and fascinating. In short, Elisa this time gave him a way to be jealous. The reason for this?

Elisa was working on the zucchini. In the program you are trying to make a nice parmigiana of zucchini. An appetising dish that has whetted the public. During the cooking of his zucchini, but Elisa distracted to watch a “nice guy” in public.

And’ herself to point it out:

“I was doing burn the zucchini to look at that handsome boy...”

Salvini will you be jealous? Surely you must have noticed the compliment.

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