Elisa Isoardi, flop the fault of Salvini? The sad vent on social: “Not always...

Published on Sep 15, 2018

Elisa Isoardi has vented all his frustration with short phrases on Instragram. The test of the chef is not as successful as you imagined

The fault of Matteo Salvini, the flop on social? Elisa Isoardi is unleashed on the social, speaking of his bitterness for the criticism it is receiving following a decline in ratings for his Test of the Cook.

The Proof of the cook is not going exactly as you would like. Elisa Isoardi knows very well that it is not easy to reach the same popularity of brava Antonella Clerici, who more than once has made her a good luck. Soon, in fact, the presenter from the blond curls will be involved with other programs.

Elisa, meanwhile, continues to show, with determination of his desire to do it. In his proof of the cook is always stylish and does not recur in jokes or similar to listen to. She tries to conquer all with its simplicity. Certain to be the woman of a man such as Salvini can be deleterious.

The Isoardi not let you down, but being a very sensitive woman has vented a little of his discomfort in sharing of the phrases that have perfectly embodied his thought. Here's what he wrote on the social.

For these sentences is drawn upon several of the negative comments. Anti-Salvini are also against her, there is little to do. The policy, which it wants to or not, becomes a matter of share. To know his political preference can be a side benefit, the other an own goal.

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