Eliana Michelazzo and the money earned with Pamela Meadows: Who says of us only put


Published on May 29, 2019


You keep talking about the Pamela Prati Gate and every protagonist of this story adds anchors to the story. In his long interview for the magazine Who, Eliana Michelazzo has spoken of a button very sore to this story, and the economic one. In these weeks has been accused of having done everything for money, the Perricciolo said to Lucarelli who to go to d'urso, his ex-friend would have been give more than 7000 euro for hosted. But the Michelazzo, from the pages of the magazine Who, is to know that things are in a completely different way. And he tells us how in this story we have only put without earning practically nothing.

Here's what she answered the Michelazzo when Valerio Palmieri asked if the end to this story there has been a gain:

If we have gained with the story of the marriage of the Meadows? I have only lost money, I have not gained a euro. I have reversed all of the invoices of Mediaset related to marriage why I put the face, I gave up both for the money it is most True that to Live is Not the d'urso, I put back the expenses


And still, the Michelazzo says that his agency has completely failed. The names of the most important were related to Pamela Prati, we think of Milena Miconi and or Matilde Brandi and have immediately left the Aicos. The same was done by Elisa d'ospina, Rosa Perrotta and other well-known faces to the public of Mediaset and not only. The Michelazzo reveals that his agency has failed:

They are all gone from my agency, there were 20 people and stayed in 2. I closed the page Instagram of the agency and the sponsor withdrew when they heard of the scam. I have lost 100 thousand euro and there are still some who wants me to wreak havoc!. At the moment I'm going to get me to visit a psychiatrist Alessandro Meluzzi, I think I have a split mental because on the evening I miss the message of Simone Coppi, his good night.”

In return, however, his followers on Instagram have grown and ill go after this whole affair, can start you to sponsor the products and the like by the one that first made its assisted.

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