Elettra Lamborghini too low-cut to Sunday: Mara hides it all with a brooch


Published on Feb 16, 2020


That great moment in television today to Sunday ! Luckily for Elettra Lamborghini in the episode last week, there has been no way to perform ( reasons in the end were not revealed) because today the singer gave us a really television, you will not forget, thanks to that healthy madness that Mara Venier knows how to give. And so the two ladies, who have something in common, a good measure of bra, they had fun a lot together as a “tettata” and the other.

And for the episode of Sunday 16 February 2020, Electra has shown off a look in style, sober, if we can say so. The problem is that under the jacket there was nothing that the director of the Sunday has had a few niggles with the camera angles so much so that Mara Venier has had to put a beautiful pin on the jacket of Elettra to restrict the neckline, hoping that it did not “come out” a lot outside.

The comment of Electra: “I put a bit of scotch for them not to come out ” but it was not enough! Mara had pointed out to Electra during the performance at san remo all the gentlemen in the room have opened wide the eyes and you are “reactivated”. Then saw that the two ladies have come in confidence, as if they were friends a long time, Electra has also asked, to his “friend of the tits, if he wanted to see his brillocco, positioned right in that area. Mara agreed, and the show continued...

And here's a totally unique video of what we saw today afternoon ON a Sunday

What did you do yesterday evening?

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What about Mara and Electra have given us an unforgettable moment. And this is precisely the case to say that the Lamborghini is good on everything! Adults and children alike, it really hits all.

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