Eleonora raped and killed by bites to her husband: the man leaves the prison for the emergency coronavirus


Published on May 07, 2020


That night, Marco Manfrini, remember very little. Said she had fallen asleep with the smile of his wife in the head. The forces of law and order, however, Eleonora Perraro found dead, right next to him. In a pool of blood, with the battered body. He is at his side, with all the clothes dirty of blood, not the teeth which is found near the corpse of the woman. To understand what happened is dramatic, but at the same time not too complicated for doctors and the police: the woman was raped, beaten, killed, bitten, and perhaps even strangled. Have no doubt about the culprit: her husband. Today, the alleged killer of Eleonora, the three degrees of judgment are not yet expressed, and leaves the prison. His lawyer is worried about the emergency coronavirus has prompted the release. The house arrest has been granted because sometimes, there is the virus, may not get out of the house and still do evil.

In the service broadcast yesterday evening in the course of the program, we remember one of the overwhelming evidence against the Manfrini: her teeth, a bridge for the teeth. On those two objects were found traces of blood and dna of Eleonora.

The family of Eleonora's hard to believe that all this is happening. With the pain still strong in heart for the death of a woman, a daughter, killed brutally, the mother and the sister of Eleonora ask someone to do something. They can't think that a man so fierce, able to kill a woman who could not even walk due to a leg limed, and is also able to slaughter the dog of her barrel, because he was trying to defend it, can enjoy the benefit of house arrest. Appeals are made, write letters, and yesterday in the episode of those Who have seen it have made their voices heard.

It is to this that we now tell this story. To ask how it is possible.

In a letter to the mother of Eleonora stated: “it is Not infected. It is clear. It is not life threatening. It is not in an icu attached to a machine that helps him breathe. No. Is your home without any tracking device. With the real possibility that it can go where it wants”.

It was in September 2018, Eleonora had a great desire to live. A monster has ripped every hope.

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